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Brigadoon Episode 24- In Search of Silver Part 1

While keeping an eye on the werewolf conclave the party realise that it has been disbanded. The town council calls a town meeting in order to determine a way forward. Could the town be looking at an attack from a band of werewolves? How well are they prepared for this? How will they train the town guard and improve the defenses? Surely there is not enough silver in the town to make enough weapons! – it is only then that the blacksmith brings up the legend of the nearby Wittecombe mine. Are the party brave enough and willing to venture forth into the mine? At why was that ring on the messenger crow so important? All these questions and probably more will be answered in this week’s episode.

Not a bucket, just a small pail list?

Before you read or listen any further I would just like to reassure you that I am not dying! When you are young and living life to the full, you never really have time to stop and think, what do I actually wish to do with my life. When I say that, I am not referring to getting a job or settling down in a cottage by the edge of a lake. I’m referring to those adventurous things like throwing yourself off a bridge with an elastic band attached to your ankles – hopefully firmly! Or even sailing around the world in a plastic dinghy with only a blogging camera for technology. Well those examples are maybe slightly extreme – well the second one definitely, but these adventures we could put together in a list that we would like to complete in the future. Well since I over fifty now, I thought it was about time I made a list of the three things I would like to achieve which I would call adventurous. Tagging it as a bucket list would be inappropriate so here is my small pail list for the near future!

Brigadoon Episode 23 Fungal Plague Part 6

So the party, after sacrificing one of their own the party take what they came for and headed back to the village of Clarion but were somewhat concerned with what they found. Not only that but it would appear there is something which needs to be checked out by the paladin. Oh by the way – there is definitely a surprise waiting in the abbey for the group!

Brigadoon Episode 22 Fungal Plague Part 5.1

The party defeat the Water Elemental and, after a long rest, head back off into the crypt to find the Well of Sunnell. But what other traps, mobs and situations await for the party and what happens in the final room – believe me its worth waiting for….

Brigadoon Episode 21 – Fungal Plague Part 4

After defeating both the riddles and the guardians the party descend into the the crypts of the abbey in search of the healing well dedicated to the goddess Sunnell. What evil and traps await them – well only time, and watching the video will allow you to find out.

Shadowrun Adventure – Health Acquisition Episode 2

The runners, after being hired by Ida, settle back into their abode to await the call to take out the medical van, keeping an eye on the data their stole from the secretary Farrah – but what they saw then was something completely unexpected followed by a more interesting commlink call…

Shadowrun: Serve and Protect Episode 3

The conclusion of the Serve and Protect mission, the runners have to still grab the data and protect Mr Credit. They need to find out who is actually paying the corp guards to attach the penthouse and they come up with a great way to get the information – however, there is always one person who has to take it one step too far!

Shadowrun – Serve and Protect Episode 2

As the runners protect Miss Datapad and Mr Credit they head towards the hotel in a rather swanky car. Everything appears to be going well, until a commlink call is taken by Mr Credit and someone happens to recognise the route they are taking…

Brigadoon Episode 19/20 Fungal Plague Part 2/3

The party manage to defeat the attack of the boars only to be faced by a rather big minotaur. Battle ensues and one of the party dies at the bull’s grizzle battle axe. The party also learn the secret of the Sunell Well wish might hold the cure for the Fungal Plague – but what hideous guardians protect it! So I admit it and I made a bit of a mistake with the challenge rating at the end of the last adventure and, because of this, we are replying the end encounter just as the party encounter the harpies! Although this time they manage to defeat them with minimal loss – that’s right, there are some losses! Then it’s onward to the abbey where they encounter some difficult riddles and defeat the dreaded guardians!