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Creating a Shadowrun Adventure

As I start to play more and more RPGs again on the stream I need to get back into the habit of actually creating adventures/encounters on a regular basis. Initially my idea was to play until an adventure came to an end and then take a week off to create the next adventure using the ‘playing session’ to create it. Although this initially appears to be a good idea, my own hectic timetable often means that things conflict with this idea and players often don’t want to miss their playing session – hopefully because they enjoy it so much! I guess missing a session also means that there might be a gap in my own production of videos for YouTube etc so more of a constant playing schedule might be more desirable. However, although both players and viewers see the finished product, there is some work which goes into actually creating an adventure and in this waffle I wanted to share with you my own approach to this and hopefully get some feedback and hear about how other Game Masters (GMs) engage with the process.

Red Hot Chilly Bugs Episode 3

With the runners needing more information about the DLiver2U company, Fhaze hacks into the host and gets spotted, Carrot checks out the warehouse and gets spotted and Billy Bob gets to drive a van and doesn’t get spotted. The runners get another job and a pizza delivery gets very nasty for one of the runners…

Improving as a Dungeon Master

Have you watched the original Karate Kid film? The one with Daniel in it and Mr Miyagi? Near the end of the film Daniel as the karate kid enters the karate tournament in order to get to the end, neat the bully and finally get the girl! There is a wonderful piece of music which accompanies the scenes as he progresses through the fights.

Red Hot Chilly Bugs Episode #1.2

So the runners settle down for the night within the restaurant to see if they can prevent yet another robbery/disturbance – who would know that the local police force would turn up and we actually get to know Billy Bob’s…

Red Hot Chilly Bugs Episode #1.1

The group starts a new adventure taking a call from the owner of a the ‘Hungry like a Wolf’ restaurant chain to try and prevent yet another attack on the restaurant and to maybe solve all why they are happening and, while they are there, they might even complete the eating challenge…

Dungeons and Dragons update!

I’ve been very lapse lately with uploading the D&D adventures, but I’ve actually managed to catch up the episodes so settle down, grab some pop and snacks and prepare to watch the next few episodes to catch up, just like watching a box set! Enjoy!

Shadowrun – Episode 6 – Searching for a missing person

So after the adventure with the data chip, the runners have somewhat decided to go separate ways. BJ has left as has Kenji. Although Billy Bob remains stoic as ever. Chugawuga returns playing a new decker called Fhaze and the runners (now two) embark on a new job relating to a missing person… what could possibly go wrong.