StreamElements – Joining their Dream Team

In the beginning I recently moved back to StreamElements and I must say I am really enjoying their components. Although many people think I am stupid and probably setting myself up to fail, I like setting myself goals and trying to work towards them. Sometimes this is foolish, especially if they lack strategies or the said strategies involve other people. […]

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Growing my Twitch Channel #3 – Interactivity

In the beginning I feel that before I engage with this, the third in the series of the waffles about growing my Twitch channel, I need to provide some background. First remember you can read my previous posts on this topic on this website – the first about setting targets and the second on consistency, games and value. I have […]

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Growing my Twitch Channel #2 – Consistency, Games and Value.

A while back I wrote a waffle about how I was investing time into my Twitch channel. Following on from this, I was reading an articles titled, 9 Ways to Grow Your Twitch Channel in 2018. Always wanting to improve, I thought I would go through the questions and answer them and work on growing my Twitch Channel. I wrote […]

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