Mythras: Attacking spirits, strange camps and crow infested villages

In this week’s Mythras session… This week in Mythras – In the last session, we left the party being attacked by a Shrike – a malevolent spirit inhabiting the forest and terrorising travellers. But this is not the end of the party’s problems. Why has this camp been set up within the forest, and why is the town of Alyesford, […]

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Mythras: Blocked roads and screams in the night…

In this week’s session… This week in Mythras – the party have joined a caravan in the hope that it provides them safety, food, equipment and work as they try to find their way back to Lindowe. The road starts off blocked in front of them and what is this strange ghost story that the caravaners talk about the vengeful […]

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Starfinder – Adventures on Ulmarid

In this Starfinder Session… The party of intrepid space-farers board their new starship and blast off towards the location of the Starfinder Society’s lost ship. As they arrive in the system, they have to fly their ship through an outer shield of asteroids before landing and making their way to the crash site. According to records, Ulmarid has no indigenous […]

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Call of Cthulhu – The Burnt Man Mystery – Episode 4 (conclusion)

In this episode… This week in the Call of Cthulhu session… As the investigators leave the massacre in the village, they head by sleigh to the Gypsy Camp next to Darkmere. But when they arrive they discover that not all is well there either. Soon, rifles are drawn and heroic actions are called for and of course there are plenty […]

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Races and Role Playing

Examples of Races

Races have always intrigued me. Many RPGs and MMOs provide you with the option to create a character with a specific race. Each of these races have advantages and disadvantages associated with it and characteristics which actually define the race. Although I realise that the latter is just provided as a guideline for the ‘norm’ of that race, I become […]

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Creepy Call of Cthulhu

I first encountered Call of Cthulhu when it first came out in the first edition box set. I have to say that I was heavily into AD&D first edition then and really our gaming style was more based on dice rolls and damage rather than role playing. Indeed I don’t think we did any role playing at all. I do […]

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