Easy raiding class!

After watching preacher on Youtube go through his characters to decide who to play for the upcoming expansion, I thought it was time to go through the same thought processes so I could possibly have a head start when it eventually arrives – including trying out the choice within the beta. But before doing this, I needed to consider the role I wanted to play within any raid situation

You need to realise that apart from a very few invites when my brother’s guild was raiding and they needed a slot filled, I have not officially been in a guild which raids and have never been a member of a regular raiding team. My involvement in raids is purely based on ‘Looking for Raid’ (LFR). In order to support my discussion, I’ve created, using all my creative skills, a graphic! That alone is worth a like!

Easiest role to play in raids

Easiest role to play in raids

What follows is my own opinion about these roles as an inexperienced raiding player. For all the roles below I consider that the class would be correctly geared and a basic understanding of the function and rotation of the class’ abilities. You can click on each of the titles below to read the content – fancy or what!


Ranged DPS

Melee DPS


So that is my opinion about the difficulties and ease of each role. This I will use as a basis for my future discussion about choosing a class to play in the new expansion.

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