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From my weird life back to gaming! I’ve been trying to stream with Chugawuga this week, every night at 19:00 on his channel playing Overwatch. As always I needed to find a character which I can not only play but possibly be successful at. I know the possibility of both of those being true is probably very low, but hey, you’ve got to try! Who did I end up playing…well don’t stop now – read on to find out…

Whenever I start playing a game I look at all the different characters/classes available and instantly look at the ones which I would really like to play and devastate the game with. Then reality sets in and I realise I need to look at the ones most appropriate for me to play with some essence of success so that I am not laughed off the team or, if it was possible, to be kicked from the team. I need to carefully choose my character and then hope that I can find someone who can carry me through the game…thanks Chugawuga! So what are the criteria I use and who did I eventually pick?

  • Aiming and targetting – You might remember me having a go, quite unsuccessfully, at Call of Duty when the new update come out. My main problem, is aiming. Everything happens so quickly, that trying to jump, avoid, target and fire is just too much for my little brain to cope with. This causes me loads of problems when playing first person shooters like Battlefront and now Overwatch. I know I am never going to escape the need to target and aim, but I need to reduce this to a minimum. These means that any of the offense characters are out. Their main function is to hit things and kill them. If I can find a completely stationary target and creep up then I might have some hope of hitting them but, once they move then I’m quite frankly, I’m emptying my clip into thin air or the nearest wall. Although I like Soldier 76’s heal, I really can’t hit a thing with either his normal clip or even his grenade launcher. And as for the continuous beams of Winston and Zarya I end up providing some kind of rotating light show for any dancing characters.

  • Too many buttons/abilities – When playing Star Wars the Old Republic, especially when PvPing, people watching the stream often refer to me as a clicker. What this means is that I click the buttons instead of using keybinds in order to just press keys. I’ve never been able to achieve any success with using keys for combat since I either bind abilities to keys which make me log out the game of ‘push to talk’ on Discord, or binding them to a key that I can’t even reach with any of my fingers at the crucial moment in time. Tracer is one of the characters I would love to play. She almost uses guerrilla tactics to dive in and out of combat using her blink and time reverse. However, for me, the buttons just confuse me and I end up blinking off the side of the wall and falling to my death, or even, instead of blinking away, time reversing back to my previous location which I have just escaped where the tank was bashing me. I would love to see their faces as I blink away and then suddenly return for them to finish me off.

  • Sniping – When I first started to play Planetside, I initially had visions of being a Galaxy pilot, a bit like the pilot in the second Alien film – “we’re in the pipe, five by five!”. After crashing hundreds of galaxies, often with a full compliment of troops in, I reverted to being a sniper! I had some success at this, although eventually I ended up just being a mobile base driver and getting experience by driving it under a bridge and allowing people to spawn there! With WidowMaker and Hanzo being in the defense category I instantly thought they would be the class for me. How wrong was I! I’m a great sniper if the target keeps still – if they don’t then I can easily spend the whole game making patterns in walls with both arrows and bullets. Plus – it takes me so long to actually target someone, then all the other snipers have taken me out long before I have squeezed the trigger or released the bowstring.

  • Melee combat and Jumping – Since it appeared that I couldn’t aim or target at a distance, my next thought was to try some of the melee characters. The two main component for effective melee for me would be, getting to the target as quickly as possible and then doing has much damage in a short amount of time to kill them before they react to my presence. Initially I tried Genji with his throwing stars and then blade rush into combat. Although I enjoyed climbing walls and throwing random stars around, the blade rush was less successful. Somehow I always get the enemy in my sights and rush in only to find that I have actually rushed past the person and I am busy hacking away at a wall! A similar situation occurs when I use Winston’s jump. Line it up, press the button, JUMP! … and miss. I’m sure people must have been wondering what I was actually doing. Of course, the most embarrassing situation with both these classes was the dash/jump which I misjudged and ended up over the side of the map and dead.

  • The number of available classes for me to play are vastly being reduced…but there is still more to come.

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  • I don’t want to be a newbie! – I totally accept that I am rather weird and unusual – in fact I am so weird I am in the process of writing a series of blog posts about it! I am desperate to reclaim some sort of prowess and self esteem when playing Overwatch and, because of this, I’m trying to avoid playing the classes which people refer to as Newbie Characters. These characters are either super powerful or appear to require no skill at all in playing. These include Bastion, Mei and Torbjorn. I did play the turret guy for a while, mainly because I didn’t actually have to do anything to be successful. However, after some rude remarks in the chat when I got ‘Play of the Game’ I stopped. I did play Junkrat for a period of time who appears to just randomly shoot grenades everywhere in a hope that one of them hits something. This probably reflects my playing style, but as more and more people started to play him and play him well, I felt the pressure was too great, so quietly stopped choosing him. Just on the point of other people playing characters – Chugawuga plays some characters very well – D.Va, Symmetra and Zenyatta. These characters are therefore off the playing list as well as the newbie characters. Why? Well Chugauwga plays these characters very well making my playing of them appear even worse! with respect to the newbie classes – imagine if I did played them and I was rubbish! How embarrassing would that be!

  • The Chosen one! – So who have I ended up playing. Well a support character would seem the most appropriate since I would not be required to actually take the enemy down with damage. I needed a small number of abilities and very little requirement to target things. You can probably see where this is going…so who did I end up with? Well after watching a video about the easiest characters to play I went with Lucio!!! Yeah!!! This is perfect at the moment! I just radiate heals, so no targeting required, and even my big heal is just a button to be pressed when it comes off cool down. My ultimate is just a button press and it automatically gives everyone the sound shield…no targeting required, and my gun is so weak noone expects me to kill anything. After providing some speed to get to the base to defend or to the front line of the battle, I basically just hang around near the other characters bopping to my beats, healing them. Once the transport is on its way I take up position by it and just move from one side to the other, using it as a shield until I eventually get killed. Being a healer I die a lot, but other players seem to accept that because I am a healer, so all is good.

  • I don’t think I will ever become an Overwatch expert and I’m sure I will eventually stop playing the game as people get used to creating ‘winning’ teams with a best combination of characters. At the moment I am just playing and moving to my music on my skates enjoying the streaming aspect. I always thought it would be impossible to actually get play of the game, but to my amazement I actually achieved this last night! Luckily I was streaming so you can all enjoy the moment with me…

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    1. February 19, 2017 at 2:00 pm

      Would be cool to play an one off, one of the dungeon crawls you made! Maybe the 8 level one!!!

    2. March 21, 2017 at 12:05 am

      I miss those early days so much. The current state of rpg’s , the rpg xubculture if you like, doesn’t feel like it did back then. I can’t quite put my finger on it.

      I was introduced to Advanced D&D 1st Edition, by my sisters boyfriend (the BEST boyfriend of the many she had IMHO..), who showed me S3 Expedition to the Barrier Peaks module after discovering I enjoyed computer based adventure games, I was hooked immediately and it wasn’t too long before I was hanging around the local game shop, Games Gallery, from which I was invited to join in a game run by the assistant manager, who was to become my long and good friend Steve, who was coincidentally, the reason I got to work at the local branch of Games Workshop for a time. Working there, in those days, before it became a Warhammer only shop, was amazing. It was the proverbial kid in the sweet shop!. Staff discount made it even sweeter – 50% off GW’s own products, and 25% off everything else. We also ran a great rpg club, with about 60-80 members at its peak.
      I was always the GM for my main group as no one else had the time it took to prepare a game properly, though after a few changes to the group, and people from the club popping up, I eventually got to play. Games by a company called Fantasy Games Unlimited (FGU) were very popular in all of my groups. FGU sold games such as Bushido, Aftermath,Space Opera, Chivalry & Sorcery, Freedom Fighters, and Bunnies & Burrows, but there were many many more games, by many different companies, covering all sorts of genres – and I still have them all. Many were, as was the style back then, table and chart and rule HEAVY. We loved that. Comparing themto the current crop of “rules lite” systems, I would certainly go back to the old games instead. We played these games sometimes 5 days a week, as for a time we were all unemployed. It was all we did.
      I often spent days creating scenarios, making maps, creating player characters as well as npc’s. I found it quite therapeutic, as is miniature painting – thousands of the little buggers packed away testify to the time I spent doing it. My “toy soldiers” as my brother in law calls them…
      I used to get quite attached to my favourite characters, and whilst one or two died over the decades, most did not.
      For almost all of my characters I would go overboard by most people’s standards. I like to have an image for my characters, whether a photo or artwork. Sometimes I will see an image and that is the base for the whole character, built around the image.
      I always believed as a player, that giving the GM a detailed background, list of goals, motivations, friends, contacts and enemies, will help the GM bring my character into the game more, by using some of what I have given him in the game. As a GM I like to see what players come up with for their characters, and will often use it in the game. It involves the player more, makes the game more personal if part of the game is suddenly about them, and it can help the players become more invested in their characters.
      For myself, I would often map out the characters home, create a family tree, siblings, etc.
      For our Star Trek RPG (by FASA Corp), I created the whole crew of a 500+ personnel star ship… All as detailed player characters. Unnecessary and a bit OTT I know, but it helped bring every department on the ship alive, every member of the landing party was a person not simply a red shirt.

      I am often bemused whilst watching streams when I see the gm of a streamed game pull some “new” idea out of his box of tricks, and the players are like “wow!”, “that’s original”, “I would never have thought of doing it that way!”, knowing we did it 30-40 years ago.

      The games my most recent group and I played/ran, were very detailed games with a lot of depth. Quite dark games too, mature themed, and often very emotional and intense. Having played with the same people for nigh on 20 years, you create a bond, a closeness and familiarity that allows you to communicate in a way you couldn’t, with people you don’t know very well.
      I have been brought to tears several times in recent years during the last (decade long) game we played ,as some scenes were simply too emotional or powerful, overwhelming (GM was a bastard – but an EXCELLENT GM).

      Sadly the group folded, but the GM offered to keep the game going for just me, which he did for a few years, which to be honest I really needed, as it helped me through a bad depression at that time).
      Over the years I have experienced a lot of things because of rpg’s, and made some great friends, too. I have a lot to be grateful for, regarding rpg’s. I was discussing with my brother in law, my collection of rpg’s and miniatures. When he realised how much they are worth, (some regularly sell for £100’s!) he always tells me to sell sell sell. He doesn’t grasp what they mean to me .
      Yet I won’t. Part of me hopes and prays that I will get a local group together (even some of the old group!) and start using them again. But aside from that, as my memory fails, little by little each year, these boxes and books and miniatures on the shelves are my constant reminders of happy and sad and exciting moments, and great fun, and more importantly, great friends.

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