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Isn’t it amazing how fast time flies. Next week it is Easter and it feels as if I have just finished Christmas and the New Year celebrations! Next weekend marks the downward spiral to the period of the year which, when blogging about sometime ago, I identified as being my least favourite time of the year. I am, however, going to stay positive and thought it would be a good time to start the series of blogs post which I was meant to embark on last week, but was really too poorly. The series is going to focus on the weirdness which is me. It’s ok, I know I am weird and I thought it would be beneficial to share with you the strange routines and activities which I have to endure in my every day life…

Rather than just writing one long post I thought it would be easier to split it up so that I could focus on specific areas of my ‘weirdness’. It might be, that through sharing, I might actually come to realise that I am not actually that weird and it is just my individual perception which makes me think this. It might also be the case, that by sharing these blog posts with you, someone else might actual realise that they are not that weird because I am, in fact, weirder – and that is always a nice thing to discover. Although I have plenty of topics to talk about, I’m going to start off with sleep and sleeping. Other topics will include my OCD, food and of course my fragile body systems. So let’s get started – here is the weirdness of my sleep…

  • Pillows – When I was in my late twenties I went through a phrase of having really bad stomach problems. One manifestation of this, was severe reflux which would literally choke me halfway through the night. Waking up was very scary, suddenly feeling that you couldn’t breathe! After several medicines and tubes poked down there – including one which I had to wear for twenty four hours which was pushed up my nose and down my throat – yes it was as awful as it sounds – I was encouraged to lift the top end of my bed up on bricks. In order to gain maximum elevation I also decided to increase my pillow quota! I currently sleep with four pillows, although you will only ever see three. The reason for this is that one of the pillows is a double stuffed pillow! Yes its a two pillows in one! Of course they are all artificial stuffing – no feathers for me! (sneeze). As well as having four pillows I actually sleep almost propped up in bed. Rather than lying down, I am almost vertical, as if I am reading a book. I do sometimes wake up with a very stiff neck, if my head rocks over to one side through the night!

  • “…and that night I remember having vivid dreams about being attached by killer bees while running through a lavender covered corridor….sheesh by mind!”

  • Sleep walking – I’m a very restful sleeper. I pity anyone who ever needs to share a room with me for sleeping arrangements. I once used an app to record what happens throughout the night – all I will say is that it resulting recorded sounded like something from the Exorcist! I guess I have always had an active brain/imagination and this manifests itself very prominently throughout the night. I talk to random people – and even myself, I make some very strange sounds and I have been known to sleep walk. My favourite occupation during the night is not to actually sleep but to walk around the flat and turn all the lights on. And when I say all the lights I do mean all of them, including the cooking light on the cooker! I did wake up one morning to find that I had opened the front door and left it open! how I wasn’t burgled I have no idea! Last Thursday – due to probably recovering from being poorly, I actually slept through the night for the first time in years. Usually I sleep for about 2-3 hours and then wake up – turn over, check the time etc, and then drop back off again. It’s almost as if I can’t actually fall into deep sleep. Sleeping away from my own bed does worry me – I hate to think what might happen if I went sleep walking when in a hotel! Plus I find it difficult to open the hotel doors with those cards at the best of times – I would be so bad at it while sleep walking!

  • Dropping off – Once I am settled in my upright position it is time for me to sleep. I’m sure that my mind waits, lulling me into thinking that it is time to sleep. It makes me sleepy, it let’s me get ready for bed, to snuggle under the duvet and to let my head touch the pillow and then ….WHAM!!!! my brain suddenly springs into action, no doubt laughing as it does, providing me with a plethora of ideas and thoughts to engage with. Over the years I have tired a number of methods to try and prevent this from happening – I don’t watch TV or read a book before going to bed, I have a bath – I’ve even tried hot milk! (well soya milk obviously). My friend once bought me a lavender spray that you fill the room with and your pillow before you go to sleep in an attempt to lull you into peace rest. It didn’t really help with the process and that night I remember having vivid dreams about being attached by killer bees while running through a lavender covered corridor….sheesh by mind! I have managed to find some strategies which do work…most of the time. Putting some music on in the background helps – as long as it is not too up beat, putting a film on in the background with the sound super low so its there but I can’t quite hear it, or actually putting the film on with no sound at all, so I can just see the changing light patterns with my eyes closed. If all else fails, the last straw before I get up and do some ironing, is slowly counting to ten while imagining myself traveling through the blackness of space! Before my iPad I used to have a television with a VHS recorder underneath the screen. I went to sleep listening to a film and actually woke up thinking about platechtonics! – those were the days when Open University broadcasted throughout the night – you can probably guess what had happened!

  • You might have started reading this post thinking that no-one could have strange or weird sleeping patterns – bet you have changed your mind now! Over the years I have come to accept the routines and unpredictability of how I sleep, although I would hate to think how it would impact on others – always make sure you are not sharing a room with my if we venture on holiday together! Although my sleeping regime seem strange, I am lucky that I don’t suffer from insomnia and I am able to survive on very little sleep and, as you can probably imagine, I rarely sleep in. One other aspect of sleeping which I haven’t mentioned within this post is ‘zonking’. Don’t worry, its nothing rude, but it will definitely appear in a future post – probably one relating to my work habits.

    Do you have any strange sleep habits? Can you relate to any of the things I have mentioned here? Do you have any solutions to my sleeping ‘weirdness’? As ever, if you do then please let me know either in the comments below or via Facebook or Twitter. I’m currently trying to record some of my life using Vine, so feel free to follow me and enjoy.

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    1. February 19, 2017 at 2:00 pm

      Would be cool to play an one off, one of the dungeon crawls you made! Maybe the 8 level one!!!

    2. March 21, 2017 at 12:05 am

      I miss those early days so much. The current state of rpg’s , the rpg xubculture if you like, doesn’t feel like it did back then. I can’t quite put my finger on it.

      I was introduced to Advanced D&D 1st Edition, by my sisters boyfriend (the BEST boyfriend of the many she had IMHO..), who showed me S3 Expedition to the Barrier Peaks module after discovering I enjoyed computer based adventure games, I was hooked immediately and it wasn’t too long before I was hanging around the local game shop, Games Gallery, from which I was invited to join in a game run by the assistant manager, who was to become my long and good friend Steve, who was coincidentally, the reason I got to work at the local branch of Games Workshop for a time. Working there, in those days, before it became a Warhammer only shop, was amazing. It was the proverbial kid in the sweet shop!. Staff discount made it even sweeter – 50% off GW’s own products, and 25% off everything else. We also ran a great rpg club, with about 60-80 members at its peak.
      I was always the GM for my main group as no one else had the time it took to prepare a game properly, though after a few changes to the group, and people from the club popping up, I eventually got to play. Games by a company called Fantasy Games Unlimited (FGU) were very popular in all of my groups. FGU sold games such as Bushido, Aftermath,Space Opera, Chivalry & Sorcery, Freedom Fighters, and Bunnies & Burrows, but there were many many more games, by many different companies, covering all sorts of genres – and I still have them all. Many were, as was the style back then, table and chart and rule HEAVY. We loved that. Comparing themto the current crop of “rules lite” systems, I would certainly go back to the old games instead. We played these games sometimes 5 days a week, as for a time we were all unemployed. It was all we did.
      I often spent days creating scenarios, making maps, creating player characters as well as npc’s. I found it quite therapeutic, as is miniature painting – thousands of the little buggers packed away testify to the time I spent doing it. My “toy soldiers” as my brother in law calls them…
      I used to get quite attached to my favourite characters, and whilst one or two died over the decades, most did not.
      For almost all of my characters I would go overboard by most people’s standards. I like to have an image for my characters, whether a photo or artwork. Sometimes I will see an image and that is the base for the whole character, built around the image.
      I always believed as a player, that giving the GM a detailed background, list of goals, motivations, friends, contacts and enemies, will help the GM bring my character into the game more, by using some of what I have given him in the game. As a GM I like to see what players come up with for their characters, and will often use it in the game. It involves the player more, makes the game more personal if part of the game is suddenly about them, and it can help the players become more invested in their characters.
      For myself, I would often map out the characters home, create a family tree, siblings, etc.
      For our Star Trek RPG (by FASA Corp), I created the whole crew of a 500+ personnel star ship… All as detailed player characters. Unnecessary and a bit OTT I know, but it helped bring every department on the ship alive, every member of the landing party was a person not simply a red shirt.

      I am often bemused whilst watching streams when I see the gm of a streamed game pull some “new” idea out of his box of tricks, and the players are like “wow!”, “that’s original”, “I would never have thought of doing it that way!”, knowing we did it 30-40 years ago.

      The games my most recent group and I played/ran, were very detailed games with a lot of depth. Quite dark games too, mature themed, and often very emotional and intense. Having played with the same people for nigh on 20 years, you create a bond, a closeness and familiarity that allows you to communicate in a way you couldn’t, with people you don’t know very well.
      I have been brought to tears several times in recent years during the last (decade long) game we played ,as some scenes were simply too emotional or powerful, overwhelming (GM was a bastard – but an EXCELLENT GM).

      Sadly the group folded, but the GM offered to keep the game going for just me, which he did for a few years, which to be honest I really needed, as it helped me through a bad depression at that time).
      Over the years I have experienced a lot of things because of rpg’s, and made some great friends, too. I have a lot to be grateful for, regarding rpg’s. I was discussing with my brother in law, my collection of rpg’s and miniatures. When he realised how much they are worth, (some regularly sell for £100’s!) he always tells me to sell sell sell. He doesn’t grasp what they mean to me .
      Yet I won’t. Part of me hopes and prays that I will get a local group together (even some of the old group!) and start using them again. But aside from that, as my memory fails, little by little each year, these boxes and books and miniatures on the shelves are my constant reminders of happy and sad and exciting moments, and great fun, and more importantly, great friends.

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