Improving as a Dungeon Master

Have you watched the original Karate Kid film? The one with Daniel in it and Mr Miyagi? Near the end of the film Daniel as the karate kid enters the karate tournament in order to get to the end, neat the bully and finally get the girl! There is a wonderful piece of music which accompanies the scenes as he progresses through the fights.

Red Hot Chilly Bugs Episode 2

So the runners start by having to deal with the remnants of the thugs who were attacking the restaurant – can you achieve this before the local law enforcement arrives? And the finally get to the bottom of what is missing from the restaurant which allows them to start to solve the puzzle.

More than just streaming…..

Well, I am just coming to the end of a two week break from work and looking back on what I have achieved, I am somewhat disappointed that I haven’t actually streamed more than what I usually do. You would have thought, without the time sink of work, I would be able to complete everything that needs to be engaged with in ‘normal’ life in the mornings and then stream for the majority of the afternoons and evenings. However, if you have been following my Twitch Channel, you will be aware that this has not been the case. Why? Well when it comes to streaming I always seem to have a lot more other things to do about from the actual act of streaming…