Tackling Telekinesis!

I really need to stick with one class and finish the game with it, taking all the positives and negatives which come along. After playing the Vanguard for a while, I tried playing a telekinetic sage. I can not possible say what will come next!

I have a job, not a vlog!

Yes, I long ago realised that I was a bit of a nosy person. I’m talking about peering through the net curtains at the going-ons of the cul-de-sac – more that I am always interesting in what people are doing and how their lives are different from my own. People watching in a coffee shop is of course a favourite pastime but the other activity I like to do is watch the videos of daily bloggers – but is this something that I could seriously get involved in?

Just let me buy an XboxOne!

Xboxone console

Neverwinter, the game, is now available to play on both the PC and XboxOne. Although I had a go at the game on my PC, more about that later, a colleague at work played on the XBox version so it seemed an appropriate time to upgrade my 360 and but the XBoxOne – easy? well you would have thought so…