Shadowrun – #ID459 – Episode 2

The runners have found themselves in a Doctor’s apartment who has been struck off the medical list but might be able to provide them with a clue to the origins of the blood sample #ID459. However, just has he is about to start tests the runners are surprised by a group of rather eager ghoul like creatures, devoid of blood […]

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Shadowrun – #ID459 – Episode 1

The party start a new adventure and get called, unexpectedly, back to Ida, the street doc’s clinic. After checking out the asset ‘Max Sinclair’ with the cortex bomb firmly lodged in his cranium, they find out the real starting point of their job, lying on a trolley, firmly strapped down and surrounded by a plastic curtain. As various members of […]

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Shadowrun – Beyond the Underground – Episode 4

With the runners in possession of what is referred to as ‘The Cargo’, they need to make a decision whether to turn it over for huge amounts of credits or somehow protect it for the future. Either choice leaves little to the future of the runners. An even when they defeat a mighty opponent, we sadly say good-bye to one of the characters…

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