12 hour Live Charity Radio Stream for Cancer Research UK

I’ve never been brave enough to throw myself out of a plane to eventually being suspended under a piece of light material, or even run around the streets, through the countryside or through mud with distances that I can hardly walk let alone run. Despite this I am keen to complete a marathon of some description in order to raise some money for charity. Well after much thought I have decided that on Wednesday 10th August, I am going to attempt a 12 hour live radio street on Wilson Waffling Radio. Want to know more? then please read on…

Wednesday 10th August, starting at 9:00am on Wilson Waffling Radio

You can make a donation here

Watch the live stream here

So, the idea is that I will start broadcasting at 9:00am and continue, throughout the day until I eventually complete the stream at 9pm. Throughout this time, there will be both music and chat as well as the quizzes to give you something to do apart from just listen. The music will be up beat tracks from mainly the 80s and 90s punctuated by some chilled out relaxing tunes and maybe even a few songs from the musicals. I am going to ‘recycle’ some of the quizzes from the other shows I present so there will be the anagram quiz, guess the theme tune and even guess the riddle.

So you can see that I am actually live, I will be setting up a Youtube stream to the studio which will, due to copyright laws, only broadcast the view into the studio and not the music. I will of course, be nipping off to go to the bathroom and to grab something from the fridge to eat and drink but apart from these small breaks during a song I will be there and at the mic!

I realise that this is not as dangerous as throwing myself from a plane or requiring the endurance to run a marathon so I have set myself a small target to raise of £50.00. If you would like to donate then you can do so via my Just Giving Page. If you leave a message then I will read them all out live during the show.

So that’s all the information you need. I hope that you will be able to come along and support me throughout the day and that you enjoy the live show. I’ll probably need lots of encouragement so please any messages of motivation will be gratefully received. If you have any questions about the event then please do not hesitate to get in touch. You can keep up to date with the event by following the radio station on twitter @wafflingradio or liking the station’s Facebook Page. Hope you can listen in on the day!

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