8 years on Twitch and counting!

While working on my channel after writing the two waffles about growth I started to add new commands to my Chatbot, in order to increase interaction. One command I thought was really helpful was ‘!created’. This gave the date which your Twitch account was created and I suddenly found out that I have been on Twitch for 8 years! So what have I learnt? Surely a good title for a waffle!

How things change! – tech stuff

I am utterly amazed how things have changed over the 8 years! I remember starting out with a headset on and with quality which can only be described as the ‘pixelated man!’. I now stream in High Definition (HD) and, although I don’t use it to its maximum potential, I have a sound mixer and overhead XML microphone on a boom! I have three monitors now and a lovely glowing keyboard and a super smooth mouse! I did originally start streaming on the X-Box One Official channel, a console which I never play on at all now! I’ve gone through two sets of headphones and the current pair was actually paid for by a viewer! I haven’t yet ventured into the world of VR but I’m sure it will be next!


How things change! – games I play

I mentioned in the previous section that I started off streaming games from my X-Box One! I mainly did a play through of Tomb Raider which I also created a Youtube Series of. I also dabbled in Star Wars Battlefield then, including taking part in 24 hour stream – think I had the 4am slot! It was while playing on the X-Box that I started to enjoy Elder Scrolls Online and I remember having so much trouble with the gamepad buttons that I swapped my account to my PC! But before I started to play it more I actually dabbled in World of Warcraft, Star Wars the Old Republic and less MMO games such as ShopKeepe and Overwatch and so many others that I have lost count!

How things have change – Twitch

When I started my journey on Twitch, everyone was striving for that partnership attainment! Yes I did apply once – while playing SWTOR – but got, not surprisingly, rejected. However, shortly after that cam affiliation and, after several days of hoping and waiting, I finally got it! I felt that this was a great achievement for me and although partnership is way out of my reach, I’m happy that I achieved affiliation. Cheers, bits, drops have all arrived at Twitch since I started along with auto hosting and game purchasing and Twitch Prime. Streamlabs, as it is now called, has definitely increased in what it provides and now more competition with companies like StreamElements are nipping at providers heels. Healthy competition is always welcome!

People I have met

When I say met, I mean online – I haven’t met anyone in real life! There are loads of different people online whether they are on Twitter, Facebook or Twitch. I have interacted with so many lovely people who have been supportive, funny, helpful and interesting. Yes they have been the trolls, which everyone expects, and how to deal with them was probably one of the reasons I started to stream. I am always been amazed by the generosity of people on Twitch as they join me week after week to watch me stream. If I had learnt anything to do with people during the 8 years being on Twitch is that there are some lovely people out there, but I’ve had to kiss (metaphorically) a load of frogs before I have found them!

Back to RPGing

It was while engaging with communities that I suddenly became aware that there was a thriving RPG community on Twitch. Although I missed the initial ‘surge’ I was pleased to find it alive and well and welcomed diving back into my campaign worlds and sharing these with people online. Programs like Roll20 were never around when I used to play AD&D around the family’s dinning room table, so this was a great learning curve for me. I really enjoy RPGing and I hope that I might actually be able to infiltrate the community in order to engage with this more – especially as my DMing skills increase. DMs I often feel are like the tanks and healers of the MMO world – everyone needs them, but few choose to play them!

The future…

As I would like to get more involved in the RPG community, but what else might change in the next 8 years? Well, technology advances will definitely mean that new equipment will become more accessible to streamers. Business level meeting software like Zoom but for gamers, I’m sure will be on the cards somewhere! Twitch extensions has allowed more interaction between viewer(s) and streamer and I am sure this is only the tip of the iceberg. How this will increase in the future is not yet known, but I feel that there is more to come in this area. But one thing which I am sure will remain is numerous people logging onto Twitch and enjoying themselves by streaming, viewing or collaborating. There is definitely a good future ahead of us all so I hope to enjoy the next 8 years with you and Twitch.

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