A day in the life – my usual Sunday

With this blog I have to be careful not to allow it to just become a list of past adventures from my Twitch Streams. Why? Well first of all it is a blog, and secondly, and perhaps more importantly, I enjoy writing and sharing my thoughts with you. A few months ago now, I was going to say weeks but I think more time has past than I originally thought, I wrote a blog post describing a day in my life, focusing in on a ‘usual’ Saturday. Well I suddenly realised that I never wrote the follow up waffle from that post so here it is, a day in the life of- my usual Sunday.

Okay, so we actually left Saturday around about midnight after I had finished DMing the Brigadoon campaign on Twitch. Technically this is Sunday, even though it probably feels as if it is still Saturday but it is important that we start here in order to put the Sunday into context. As usual, I am just going to do the events in a series of bullet points, punctuated with some images, if I can find any. This is a ‘usual’ Sunday which, if you know anything about me, you will realise that a usual day means that I am in a set routine and therefore feeling more relaxed and less anxious. Why do people try and spoil this at times! So the D&D game has finished and everyone has said farewell to the viewer – yes I did say viewer in the singular, and I have said thank you to the players and closed down OBS and Zoom and turned off the cameras. I then have one priority – get to bed – as quickly as humanly possible. Why? well read on good listener!

  • 6:00 – 9:00– Despite it being a Sunday I still wake up with the alarm. Sometimes it is a huge struggle to get out of bed, especially if the D&D game has run over like one week it did until something like 3am! Up I get, turn computers on, grab toast, tablets and coffee and set the recordings from the previous night’s adventure to start and render off. These require very little editing, but I like to ensure that there is none of the interval music on them and that I add the introduction at the beginning. I can, if I am quick, get at least one of them rendered off and ready to upload to YouTube by 9am, if I am super lucky, and the coffee has kicked in, I can even sometimes get two done. As soon as the videos have started to render, I use the expensive software to automatically generate the songs for that evening’s radio show. Although it does cost me quite a bit for the software, it is well worth it since it actually chooses the songs for me ensuring that songs are played according to certain rules, for example the same song can not be played twice within the month. Once these have been chosen and accepted, I transfer these to a Google Doc and add the Riddle and the Anagram and the interesting facts. Then its shower, shave and dressed and out of the humble abode by 9am on my way to Costa! (other coffee shops are available)

  • 9:30 – 11:00– Yes it takes me half an hour to work to the coffee shop, hence the time jump. This is not wasted time since I am always reflecting on past adventures and thinking about new ones as well as considering marketing campaigns.I try and capture any ideas on Omnifocus, since my brain is just too packed with rubbish to remember things for longer than a few minutes. Once I arrive at the coffee shop, I grab a soya wet latte and, if I am feeling adventurous two slices of white toast! – yes that is the height of my adventure – and settle down with my MacBook Pro and open the document which I started at home. The Snuggle Show actually takes the largest amount of planning and script writing. I use Feedly to collect stories from a variey of newsfeeds and click through them deciding which will appear in the show. Then I have to read the ones which have made the cut, add a little bit which makes them more relate-able and then write the script for me to say in the show, including putting the sometimes technical language into more radio friendly language. This takes quite a time and I have to ensure that I don’t get distracted otherwise I will be running behind schedule. Sometimes, and this is my little secret, I put my earplugs in without playing any music, just so no-one interrupts me – drat my secret is out now – surely everyone does this!

  • 11:00 – 13:00– This slot is filled with a quick walk home and finish rendering the videos from the morning. I also set one off uploading to YouTube, which usually literally takes hours, while I have lunch and sort out any loads of washing which still needs to be put in from the day before – usually towels or bedding.

  • 13:00 – 15:00– This is a hectic slot. Tallsquall tends to start to stream in this slot, so I often put him on in the back ground while doing my other jobs in order to support his stream, although recently he is doing so well he is hitting more viewers then me (yes I know that’s not actually hard). Then it is what I call domestic chores. I need to get the dishes done, iron clothes for the next week, peel and prep the veggies for the evening meal and mix up the waffle mix and get two cooked ready for the stream. I also try to upload the rest of the Youtube videos and deal with any admin things that I can on blogs and my shop during this time. I try to interact with streams and tweets as well as scheduling my tweets for my stream and radio show. Often I have so much to do in this section of the day that I inevitable forget about something. If possible I try to squeeze in some map/token making for the next gaming session and deal with questions about either of the campaigns. Writing it down here, it doesn’t actually seem a lot but I always seem to be dashing around during this time watching the clock counting down the hours and then minutes until 15:00.
  • 15:00 – 18:00– STREAMING TIME! Hopefully I have managed to get my waffles cooked by now and the stream set up, including flimsy green screen held up with a piece of string, and ready to welcome everyone to the stream. Streaming is so good for me, since it encourages me to be positive about things and actually develops my understanding of the games I am playing. I do realise that I should be playing a lot more and exploring the rules, builds and tactics, but I just don’t seem to have the time for this. I do have a fantastic community which help and support me so these three hours go very quickly and before I know it people are telling me to keep an eye on the time since the stream should be coming to an end.

  • 18:00 – 20:00– I calmly smile to camera and say good bye and click the host button. I always try and interact with the stream I am hosting, say hello etc rather than just hosting and disappearing. Then its panic time! All my evening meal – I was going to write usually here but I should write ‘always’. My evening Sunday meal always consists of chips, carrots, cauliflower and peas. These are all ready prepared and in the pans so it is just a matter or putting the chips into the halo fryer, setting the time for 37 minutes (yes that is the perfect cooking time – I’ve come to that conclusion over a series of months) turning the heat on under the veggie pan and heading off to type some more in Twitch chats or put the washing away which has finished drying. The green screen can also be collapsed (this takes some time, still don’t have the knack to this) and the streaming software updated or turned off. I also try and catch up with emails, tweets and messages on Discord during this time and boil a kettle ready for the dishes! Then it is sit down with what ever is on ITV3 or a stream put on my tele via my Apply TV to eat my tea (supper, dinner or whatever you want to call it). After tea, it is time to do the dishes. I always have to use boiling hot water from the kettle and yes, I’ll admit it, I wear rubber gloves! Then boil kettle again (seriously this is how exciting my life gets) for a cup of coffee while I set up the computers for the radio show.

  • 20:00 – 21:00– Yes I actually use three computers for the radio show. One where the magic all happens, a second one which records the show, not only for the past show section of the website but also because I have to for legal reasons and finally a mobile device which I can tweet the song which is playing from. Although I love during the radio shows, they can be quite stressful at times, especially when there are technical difficulties or I get tongue tied halfway through a segment. I never hit the hour, but usually about 9ish, I finish and turn off the encoder and start to save the recording to a USB drive. I switch the computer over to the Roll4it Shadowrun stream while I sort out the computers and also finish off any domestic chores and get things ready for work the next day.

  • 21:00 – 22:30– This is the home run time and usually the time that I try and relax. I always have the Roll4it stream playing and a notepad and pen at the ready, jotting down ideas and rules to examine in more detail later. I try to make sure that I am in bed by 10:30 on a Sunday, mainly since I was probably up late and up early the night before. The final thing I do is settle down in bed and put the stream I am watching onto my ipad and fall to sleep while listening to it.

  • And that’s it! Sunday complete. Not the most exciting day in the world, but one which I try and get as much packed into as possible. Looking back I suddenly realised that there are some times which could actually have more forced into them and I now feel quite lazy! I guess it has done me a world of good writing it down since I now know the sections of the day which might have the capacity to hold a bit more. The worse thing which can happen to either a Saturday or a Sunday is something which breaks the routine or, even worse, I feel poorly and can’t fit everything in! This is when Monday becomes very hectic!

    I hope that this waffle, along with my Saturday one, gives you some idea about my weekend. I’m always interested in other people’s lives so what do you do on a Saturday and/or Sunday? Do you spend it on much more worth while tasks like saving kittens from trees or volunteering for a charity? – that would make me feel so self-centred! What ever you do, I would love to hear about it, so why don’t you add your activities in the comments below – or maybe even register for an account on the site and then start working your way through the levels and gaining some open badges!

    You can keep up to date with my content by following me on Twitch, Twitter and Facebook. If you are interested in joining or playing Minecraft, then please check out my Minecraft webpage for details of joining the the server. Of course any subscribers to my YouTube channel are always appreciated.

    Have fun and I’ll catch you all later and, until then, consider yourself waffled!

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