Nearly banned from Twitch Reddit!

🎉🎉Happy New Year to you all!!!!🎉🎉

I just had to share something with you all.

Ignoring my common sense and danger alert button’s flashing in my head, I took my life into my own hands and posted me link to my recent YouTube video about focusing on enjoying streaming rather than growth onto the Twitch Reddit

Taking a great risk – my Reddit post!

🔴Subscribe to YouTube channel ➡➡➡ 💜

Within seconds, I get a reply to my post – I was thinking OMG, someone wasn’t happy! With some trepidation I went to have a look and found, to my surprise, that it was from Twitch! Quite ironically this is what it said – no further comment needed I think….

Interestingly enough, then than removed my post – guess they don’t want enjoyment, just growth!

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