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All about the concept!
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In preparation for July’s Mythras Matters Podcast, I had an interview with the creators of the new super hero game for Mythras, Destined!

One aspect of the game and all RPGs is character generation. After writing my ‘Stuff the Rules‘ post, I started to think more and more about creating characters and thought I would share with some some of my character concepts with you.

More about the setting rather than rules

This meme has never been more appropriate than quarantine#Tabletop #Character

— Scratticus Academy (@Scratticus_) May 19, 2020

In order to try and be inclusive of every rule system out there, I’m not going to say here is the stat block for this character – I’m going to focus more on the concept itself.

Some, well probably all, of these characters are not made up yet. They are just concepts and ideas which I have had and parked within my character concept bank. This meme always amuses me, especially in this time of lockdown, so I am probably not the only one creating characters who will never be played.

I’ve not actually thought of character names yet, this is a lengthy process, so I will be calling them all Sam with the pronoun of ‘they’ so that no gender is unknowingly assigned. In this post, I would like to introduce my medical first-responder for a cyber punk setting.

Cyber Punk Setting

Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay

Medical First Responder:

Sam is a supportive character. Although initially trained as a medic, Sam wanted to include their love for vehicles into their profession and became what only be called an ambulance driver. 

Serving in some recent local war, they learnt how to drive/fly anything and everything. Preferring the thrill of being jacked into the vehicle, Sam is able to fly anything from the first-responder motorbike to helicopters and VTOL vehicles. Once they have become one with the vehicle, Sam’s exploits are well known, always being prepared to fly/drive into the most dangerous situations and evac any injured parties quickly and efficiently.

But Sam’s skills do not stop there. They are an expert medic knowing how to treat anything from pathogens invading the patient’s body to broken bones and sliced arteries. Not only does Sam have the medical knowledge, but they have also brought everything up to date knowing how to use the most recent medic kits and diagnostic software. 

Sam was enjoying a rich career within the armed forces until it all went wrong. After a particularly hard night celebrating, Sam was called to perform a medical evac of a family from a small town lying on the front line of the conflict. Hindsight is a wonderful thing and, looking back, they should have said no due to their condition. But Sam was too proud and flew the mission. They are haunted by their dreams. The fatal crash after the evac in which everyone lost their lives save Sam, who was miraculously thrown from the crumpled vehicle.

Sam left the service soon after, always being haunted by their last mission.

Now, they work on the streets, taking anything and everything which provides the same buzz which they used to enjoy so much. If the job has high risks, low probability of survival and involves joining with a new hi-tech vehicle, then Sam will be there to fulfil their role.

What is your recent character concept for a cyberpunk setting?


Hope you have a vision for this character now. In future posts I’ll talk about my other character concepts which are lurking in the deep recesses of my mind.

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