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I never know what is going to happen in an RPG session. Yes, the adventure is organised and planned, but I tend to be very reactive to things that happen. A lot of the time I actually enjoy the bits which are not planned at all – and here was one of them.

Camping in the wilderness

The party is currently being accompanied by an alchemist apprentice called Tiffan. She acts like a disgruntled teenager for most of the time and has a bit of a sniffle.

When it was time to settle down for the night, I suddenly had an idea about Tiffan. As she settled down for sleep she started to snore. She snored, and snored and snored.

If perception is a skill which is rolled to wake characters up if there was something nearby. Then why not use it to get to sleep as well.

I had the idea to do reverse skill checks. What I mean by this was that I actually wanted players to ‘fail’ there checks in order to fall to sleep.

This is how the scenario played out – it certainly lead to players being ‘creative’ with their actions and spells.

Mythras Actual Play

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