All things Rode!- Should I buy more?

Something different!

I don’t usually do this sort of blog posts but I am just trying my typing skills at a range of different topics in order to decide what I actually like blogging about. I am a bit of a gadget freak, often working hard to find the cash to buy gadgets to do with streaming, live video, and podcasting. Currently I have a couple of things which are high on my purchase list – although I know that I would end up buying them and doing nothing with them!

If I had to sum up my interests in the technical world, they would have to be live streaming, creation of content (mainly videos) and podcasting. So what am I planning on buying to help with this.

Podcasting and Interviewing

After creating a podcast for work to support the students while out on placement, I have got the podcasting bug! I used to record all my professional blog posts in audacity and I must admit I could have just used this to record the new podcast however, I went the full hog!

I bought a new Rode microphone and the new RodeCaster Pro to try and achieve some good quality podcasts. Interestingly I don’t have anyone else to podcast with, its just me – but I bought an extra microphone just in case. As my podcasting skills improve – starting to teach myself how to use Audition, I started to look at Rode equipment and, after watching a video by the Think Media on Youtube, I was amazed to see the new wireless Rode Microphone!

I must say I was super excited to see this! I already have a Rode boom mic on the top of my Canon when I am recording personal blog posts, but this new wireless system looks great. I like the adaptability of the system, including being able to add a lapel mic to it! The sound quality sounds good and I really like the ease of use. The big question would be, would I use it?

I think I am probably a one person production team at the moment. Even the podcasts for work ,which I do, involves just me,with the RodeCaster Pro just on a table in my ‘streaming room’ (aka my bedroom! soon there will be now room for my bed!). I could use the new wireless microphone it to record myself when I am recording my personal vlogs, but this sounds a little over the top. I can imagine that using it within an interview situation would be best but until I get myself out and about and actually start to record people and include them in my videos, I don’t think interviews will be on the cards.

In Summary

I am really tempted to buy the new wireless microphone system, but I really think I need to have a purpose for using it. Recording the sound for my personal blogs seems like a good idea. But what do you think?

Would I be wasting my money just buying another gadget?
Should I channel my time and energy into something else before purchasing new equipment?

As always I welcome and appreciate your comments and suggestions.

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