And Marmaduke was born!


Before we start, I would just like to point out that this is nothing to do with the date. This is not an April Fools’ joke – the following did really happen!

Being a life-long GM I rarely, if at all, get to play in any RPG. But yesterday it happened! I got to play D&D 5e – and here is how it happened and what I thought.

Waiting Lists and Waiting.

There is some bizarre part of my psyche which makes me always go for the GM role. I think it is because I see it as a creative outlet for my ideas but also the opportunity for my problem-solving mind to be engaged as I figure out rules, tactics and adventures. 

However, I yearn to be on the opposite sign of the imaginary screen and actually play a character. I have the opportunity to play a lot of NPCs but really want to play at least one session!

I always like to be proactive and so I started to engage with streams and community and after some rejections and one channel which literally laughed at me, I managed to get my name on the waiting list for the Scratticus Academy – the wait had begun. 

The wait was over!

So last Tuesday, the time arrived and a rather nervous and extremely anxious inwils sat in front of his computer ready to start. 

I had created a 2nd level fighter using the Roll20 and also some of the D&D Beyond websites. I didn’t want to get a class which was too involved so I just went for a fighter. With only Acolyte available to me on the Roll20 system, I somehow had to weave being an acolyte into the background. And Marmaduke Pimplepicker was born!

My adventure was full of surprises and I learnt a lot of rules very early one. After nearly dying in the first encounter, it is never good to shout at snakes and, if anyone ever gives you a book, never ‘accidentally’ leave it behind when you go behind a bush! The Link to my adventures will appear below once it is on YouTube

Don’t put it off – give it a go!

I have to say a huge shout out to Scratticus for allowing me to venture onto his channel – live! I must say that everyone was so welcoming and supportive during the whole process. There were times when I didn’t know what to roll or do and I was supported so well. The DM, fellow players and chat were all fantastic and I was really disappointed when it all came to an end.

If you are sat here thinking that you would like to give it a go then please do drop in on the Scratticus’ channel, say hello and listen to how to have a go at role playing.

I am so pleased that I did it and thoroughly enjoyed the event. You never know he might actually invite me back one day and if that happens I would definitely say yes!







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