Applications to Join Campaigns

Hello and welcome! I get many requests about joining the existing campaigns for both D&D 5th Edition and Shadowrun 5th Edition. I can’t respond individually to each of these so I have created an application form as the first step in the process. Once you have applied then we can have a chat on discord and then have a trial run and see how things go and, if everything goes well and you ‘fit into’ the campaign then off we go! Before you all go off completing the form, here are some important points about the sort of campaigns I run. Remember joining a campaign is like buying a new pair of slippers – it needs to be the right sort of campaign for you and your playing style so that everyone enjoys the experience – what does that have to do with slippers? Well I’ll let you decide.

Some important points –

  1. We play the basic rules in all campaigns, so please don’t include a rules from a supplement within your application – this also allows everyone to have the same starting point.
  2. We play according to GMT times (Sunday 20:00 for D&D and Tuesday 20:00 for Shadowrun – please take this into account
  3. You will need both a webcam and a mic to join the campaigns
  4. There might be additional work to complete in between gaming sessions – this will not be a great deal, but it is expected that you come prepared
  5. Initial characters need to be created alongside the DM/GM
  6. A degree of commitment is required to gaming sessions
  7. Shadowrun characters start at street/scum level

So, if you are still interesting to join, then click on the links below and get typing! I am really looking forward to hearing from you so don’t be shy!