August Analytics


If you are a regular reader of this blog or any of my content then you will be aware that at the end of every month I engage with my analytics.

This can be a positive experience or something quite demoralising, but I do think it is important to see whether my content kingdom is growing or not.

At a glance

Overall analysis

Ok. so first the positives. The number of listeners to the podcast, patreons, blog visits and YouTube subscribers are all increasing.

However, Twitch’s views and average views and the watch time on Youtube all took a dive! -7 is not bad for the YouTube watch time, but Twitch – oh my giddy aunt! What’s happened there!

It is summer, so people will be enjoying the warm weather and heading out for vacations. I also heard, and I am not sure if this is true or not, that because people are not at work there are fewer people watching Twitch at work. I’m not sure if this is correct but in conjunction with the previously mentioned things, I should expect a drop.

Going forward

I think I am in the plateau growth section of my content at the moment. Things have been ticking over, but not experiencing a huge increase. The important thing during this phase is not to lose motivation and commitment. Although it sounds strange, I am back at work now so back into my work routine. This means that I should start to be a little bit more consistent with my content.

I’m definitely not anywhere near to pulling partnership or ‘team’ numbers, but I am focusing on producing good content on a regular basis and none of these negative streams which have been happening.


Nothing to do with numbers, more about content:

Continue to Mythras Rules videos and Actual Play

Regular Personal Blogs on a range of topics (including anxiety)

Start my ESO videos on YouTube

Continue to Mythras Matters Podcast

Regular blog posts on a range of topics

Advertise the special things people get as patreons

Start my new podcast (need to stop thinking and clarifiying this and just go for it!)

Wish me luck!

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