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Avast me hearties!


I’m the nervous sort of computer user. I am always worried about being hacked or my identity being taken. Because I am worried about this, I want protection from as many nasties as I can!

And so I went to see what Avast had to offer!

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In the beginning …

I initially read a few reviews online before opting for the free version. I downloaded it and installed it. I felt safer already!

I did a quick scan and found that there was no malware present. Another great relief. There were some other issues identified but when I click on the resolve button it asked me to buy the next level of protection. I decided not to and carried on with my internet activities – gaming and blogging before you think I am doing anything else!

But then it happened!

Up selling technique!

I was busy blogging when something popped up from the bottom right of my screen. “Your identity is not protected”… “Hackers can see your webcam!!” … “There are a number of software slowing your computer down” … “Your drivers are out of date and might be causing issues!”

I have to say that I am not quoting the messages word for word, I’m just saying the sort of thing they were announcing. As you can imagine from my first paragraph, my anxiety was off the scale! I even quickly covered my webcam – even though I wasn’t doing anything dubious!

I restarted my computer and router and unplugged everything before reconnecting and hoping that I would be ok. But the messages kept coming. In order to protect myself further Avast provided me with options to purchase. I paid for the initial upgrade and, feeling safer, relaxed again into my usual workflow.

But it was not over…

As the months progressed Avast alerted me to other issues that were not covered by my current subscription package. The messages kept coming and, in order to feel less anxious at my computer I splashed out on what I thought would be the best solution – AVAST’s ULTIMATE subscription!

Ultimate was not enough …

I really did think that buying their Ultimate package would be the best solution. Everything on their compare the prices page was ticked and I even went for the 10 devices option so that my iPhone and iPad were protected.

But the ultimate package was not enough …

I ran their scan to remove any issues with my computer and I addressed a number of things that I could – using my ULTIMATE package. The program also reported that there were some out of date drivers on my computer. But that should not be a problem since I had the ULTIMATE package! I clicked on the resolve button and …

I really did not believe what I saw. In order to allow Avast to update my drivers I had to pay out more. I didn’t see this on the original compare the prices page, I assume it was hidden or I just missed it. But, despite having the ULTIMATE package, it would appear that it was not enough. Avast still required more money from me. And, if I did pay it, what would be next? I really hate to think. Maybe it will be just easier to hand over my pay cheque and have complete protection?

Disappointed by …

I really did think a company as big as Avast would be able to gain subscribers by providing a great service. What I feel is that they are upselling their products by preying on my and possibly others, worries and anxiety of the internet. Constantly I have received messages from their program basically telling me how unprotected I am and that I could resolve this issue by paying more money.

Even with the ULTIMATE package, I am still being asked to pay more and more. I really do not know where it will stop.

I have paid for the year so I am not asking for a refund or anything like that. I just wanted to share my own experience in a hope that you will not be enticed to pay more as your own anxieties or worries about internet safety are preyed upon.


I have to stress this is just my own experience and I am sure that others will have had a different experience.

When I have completed my paid subscription, I will definitely be looking for another supplier so if you know of anyone, please so let me know in the comments.

Stay safe, healthy and positive.

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