Black Desert Online

Need to change

I’ve decided to expand my repertoire of games on my Twitch channel. There is nothing wrong with Elder Scrolls Online, in fact I am enjoying it just as much as I did on day one. But I am aware that I don’t want to get burn out as I progress and so, through my stream everyday in December, I have decided to indulge in some other games. All the income from my channel, whether this be donations, subs or cheers, I always plough back into my channel. So, with a current balance of zero, you can probably guess that I have invested in some new games. As well as getting some new games, I have also spent some time returning to old ones and this has led me back to a game I started some time ago, but failed at due to lack of understanding. Which game was it – well, I’ve gone back t Black – as in Black Desert Online!

Starting from scratch!

I already had a 50th level wizard on my character sheets, although I know nothing much about the game since he was powered level by the great @belgian_dragon! I just stood in the corner and lapped up the experience! So this time I was determined to start a character from scratch, read all the quests, and progress to awakened, to coin the lyrics of a famous song …

All by myself

Celine Dion

Gender-Specific Classes

I think I will always have the same issue when I start to play this game. I really dislike the gender-specific classes but thought I would give it a go and see how far I can get. My wizard is firmly in place at the top of me character list so I started to do some research on Youtube to see which classes I might like to play. I find it very difficult to play female classes. This is nothing to do with the female form, it is more that I prefer to play blokes. I had initially thought about the Striker and possibly the Musa, but after mentioning these to people different options were presented. Aionjanis recommended the Mystic for me, and @arraxia mentioned the Archer. Since there was some extra money available for the archer since he was a new class – I quicklt made up DeadBlackEye and embarked on being an archer!

Eat my arrows!!

Other options

I started to play the Archer, but was somewhat disappointed with him. It seemed that I could stand off at a distance and just kill the mobs before they got to me. Initially I thought this was dull although watching some of the YouTube videos I am feeling a bit more positive about the class.

But I haven’t stopped there! oh no, I have been trying other classes too! I must say at this point that I dislike the long deleting time on the server. With limited character slots, I try a few classes but when I go to delete them it will take a whole day before they go and I can use the newly available character slot to try a new class. I’m getting used to it but it is annoying

The other thing which gets me, is the differences within the male/female classes. Striker is slow but powerful, while his female counterpart is nimble but hits less hard. I’ve also had a long look at the weapons in the game and the ones which I really like appear to be assigned to the female classes – the Lahn’s whirling blade, the Tamer’s staff and the Sorceress’ Scythe.

As I venture further into the game, enjoying various classes, I have come to the conclusion that I feel that I am going to have to get used to playing a female character in order to actually use enjoy the classes and weapons.

Final Decision

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So, my final decision? Well, my Wizard is still there and I am currently levelling my Archer. But I really need your advice – should I just stick with the male classes and play them the best I can or should I try and ignore the gender issues and go for the weapons and classes I want to play … definitely some decisions to be made!

So what is your favourite class(es) in Black Desert Online?

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