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So, I’ve had a week almost away from Twitch mainly because of work and feeling a bit down in the dumps. But last Friday, I managed to get back into streaming and started with a bit of Forager. I’ve never really played this sort of game before, but I must admit I am quite addicted to it. It’s not overly hard and I am always well motivated to work towards goals such as getting a droid or buying a new piece of land or even trying to solve the puzzles in dungeons.

I have given myself an aim to try and finish it the best I can, for example buy all the land, learn all the skills and be able to make everything in the game and, of course, be able to keep alive! On that final note, I’ve only died once and that was due to a horde of skeletons!

If you are interested in seeing me in action, then here is a highlight!

Elder Scrolls Online

So this week the new area within Elder Scrolls Online appeared. Welcome to Elsweyr, the home of those tail bouncing pussy cats, the Khajiit. Unfortunately, with my week being so busy, I only managed to start playing this weekend and, despite most people probably going for a Khajiit I decided to actually play a Wood Elf. Am I a necromancer! Of course I am!!! And, keeping to my new role, I’m creating him as a tank. I have been really good in the last few months and I have stayed away from many of the videos and gameplay sessions, so I embarked in the new world very fresh and wide eyed this weekend. As you can see, I am enjoying it immensely and I even managed to kill a DRAGON – well I think I helped.

Role Playing Game

And finally, after a week away, we managed to play Mythras this weekend. The party continue to make their way to the Lost Temple of the Chaos Mother. But in order to reach the temple, they will need to cross the Black Vale and there be barbarians lurking there! Don’t worry they have a map I’m sure someone took navigation as a skill… I’m really enjoying this RPG ruleset, although I do wish it was slightly more popular on Twitch. There is a new companion coming out in June and the podcast, Mythras Matters, is going well with over 200 listens this month.

Mythras Matters Podcast

Mythras now has a podcast dedicated to it. The podcast is published on the first of the month and is available via all your favourite podcast apps.

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