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Being a small streamer!


I always think it is funny about how and when ideas come to us. In the last reflective post, I was talking about finding my niche and what value I was providing to my followers and supporters. Well after several long walks and sleepless nights thinking, I have started to be clearer about where I am going and what I need to do.

Before reading any more I just wanted to qualify two terms. I will be using the term small content creator. Please understand that I include within that phrase streaming on Twitch. In that sense, I am also a small streamer and, when I use the pronoun ‘we’ I am including all my fellow small content creators.

With that established, let’s get on with the post!

Don’t be afraid of what you are!

They are a lot of people who might think that what I am going to say in this post is negative. I just wanted to say at the beginning that I am not being negative at all. In fact, I feel rather positive about the future and the journey I am on.

Some people might say;

I’m not being negative, I’m just being realistic!

but I’m not even going there since I always think that is taken as a negative.

Let’s be honest. I am not a big content creator, streamer or even influencer. I am, in the very large group of content creators, in the smaller subgroup.

I am so grateful for the community that supports me, but I am a small streamer and content creator. I’m not using this term as a negative, more as a positive. I’ve been small for some years now and I am still producing content and streaming to an audience. I currently reached 1000 subs on YouTube and although people might think that is ‘big’ within the YouTube community it is still relatively small.

I have over this time learnt a lot. I’ve tried things and explored ideas and I’m still here. Some people might be saying, “but you are not successful as a content creator and or streamer since you are still small!” But I am here to disagree and demonstrate that I am, in fact, quite skilled and knowledgeable in this area.

When the going gets tough!

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When the going gets tough!

Being a successful small content creator/streamer is a lot harder than being a huge content creator. Before I explain why you might have noticed that I used the term ‘successful’ I wanted to first explain why I am being successful.

First, I’m still here. We (my fellow small content creators/businesses) are still here. We often struggle each and every day, balancing everyday jobs to allow us to find time to do what we enjoy the most. We don’t have people working for us, we are doing everything and still producing content. That takes a lot and some people do not make it. Everything might suffocate them and they can not assign the required amount of time to all the tasks, or their life changes and they have to change priorities. Being a small content creator is TOUGH and just still being here demonstrates our success.

Being small means we are up against some very heavy hitters. We can not compete with the number of followers and supporters that they have. This means that we often get overlooked for collaborations and partnership deals. I completely understand this. Companies don’t want to sponsor a small content creator. They will not be guaranteed high returns or clicks on their product. In a similar way affiliate programmes will produce limited returns. We have dedicated communities but they do not compare to the huge people that follow the other influences.

But despite all of this, we are still here!

This is my niche and I like it

Cartoon man holding up the Youtube image

So, I am sitting here writing this post telling you all that this is one of my niches! I want to talk to and support other small content creators like myself. I’ve been at it for quite a few years now and I am still here so I thought it is about time I share what I have learnt and how you can continue to fulfil and enjoy your passion, even if you are small.

In the future, I will change the way I approach my content. In the last post, I talked about what value I provide and now I am going to try and provide some value. I am going to start sharing what I have learnt on my journey so far and what my plans are for the future so that others can learn from my own highs and lows.


I hope you see this post as a positive – I’m certainly probably more positive than I have ever been in all my time as a content creator.

Every morning I am waking up keen to continue to be what and who I am and to tell the world that I am a small content creator and I am very proud to say that!

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