Being ill as a singleton

Ok, before anyone says it, I will say it for you – yes I need to man up. There you go. Now, I don’t want the comments to be filled with those words, or similar derivatives. I’m not good at being ill. My body systems are generally quite fragile and although I rarely get ill, when I do it tends to knock me for six…well usually actually nine or ten! I’m currently recovering from a bout of what I consider to be flu. Although this might be to other people just a cold, the temperature and the shivers leads me to think it was flu and as I laid shivering in my bed, feeling sorry for myself, I got a thinking about why it is sometimes hard to be a singleton and ill. (BTW – the image is not me! it was the only barely suitable one I could find.)

On a side note, I was actually wondering if there was a male equivalent of a spinster apparently the closest you can get is a bachelor which appears to be an overall nicer term than spinster. Hopefully these archaic words will eventually ceased to be used in language. Anyway – back to more important issues – me being ill. It probably doesn’t surprise you at all that I am single. Before getting ill the blog post that I was going to write was going to be the first of a series of posts called – “How Weird am I – ****” with the stars being replaced with words such as diet, routines, OCD etc. These will definitely support the fact why I am single. I live alone in a little flat. My family, as in mother and siblings, are all close by but I do live alone. They all know that when I am ill, it is wise to avoid me, since I am the worse patient ever! Despite this there are times when I am ill that I do wish there was someone around to look after me.

  • Need more tablets – Due to me gentle ‘systems’ paracetamol is the only tablet that I can take when ill with a temperature – apart from the hard hitting antibiotics which I can take almost all of these. When I am really ill I try to think ahead and get everything by my bedside, paracetamol, water, Strepsils, Gaviscon, tissues so that I don’t actually have to move. However there comes the time when the last paracetamol enters my system and, in my shivering state, I have to some how leave my bed to get some more. Although these are not necessarily a long way from the bed, the distance seems HUGE! I often do consider whether I can survive without them, but in the end I have to venture out from the warmth of my duvet to get some more. It would be so nice to have someone to replenish them for me.
  • Food and Drink – My mum used to have a lot of sayings and ‘remedies’, including putting butter on a bump head – what was that all about! I always remember that she would say you need to feed a cold but starve a fever. When I get ill the first thing which leaves me is my appetite. Now this isnt that good at the best of times, but I do try and eat the best I can. As I am currently recovering the only thing I actually have an appetite for are Jaffa cakes! I hope this passes soon otherwise I am going to be the size of a house! I do try to eat soup when I am ill. It seems wholesome and almost appropriate. It would have been so nice to actually have this delivered to me in bed – instead of actually having to get up and make it and wash the dishes after.
  • Kick my arse… – Of course, I’m not meaning this literally. I’ve already mentioned that I am not a good patient and I tend to really think the worse is going to happen. When I got one of my wisdom teeth extracted it took another scientist actually reminding me of the amount of blood you could loose to make be stop worrying about the small dab of blood which was coming from the wound. I always think the worse, and I need someone to tell me that I am alright and that I am not dying and that it is time to get going and get over being ill. When I had my appendix out, I was really surprised how quickly they got me up and walking again – I was planning on staying bedridden for months! Although this might have been because they needed my bed, I did appreciate it in the end. Although initially it would be nice to have someone around to reassure you, after a while I think I do need someone to say – come on, you are not dying let’s get on with life. This would definitely improve my recovery – especially if it is accompanied with Jaffa Cakes πŸ™‚
  • It might appear that I just need a nurse maid when I am ill and yes that would be nice – although don’t nag me too early because I would probably just growl. But what I would really value is that reassurance that I am not that bad and that, when the time is appropriate, that it is time to cast off that duvet and start to get back to normal. Hopefully there will come a time that, when I feel the first emerging symptoms of a cold/flu appearing I can press a button and that hologram will appear and say – “Please state the nature of the medical emergency”…my reply? I have flu…and everything will be better…

    Are you the worse patient ever? or do you know someone who is worse than me? Are you single and can relate to being ill when you are alone? Do you have any tips or tricks to help me until the holographic doctors are created? Well, if you have an answer to any of these questions then please add them in the comments below and send them to me via Twitter and/or Facebook.

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