Black Ops Beta – my first attempt!

Have you ever watched a game and thought – 1) I could do that and 2) That looks so easy! Even though should have learnt that neither really apply to me when playing a game, I pushed onwards, downloaded the beta and headed off into the world of Black Ops and first person shooters! (I was also eating breakfast at the same time!)

black ops

If you want to skip over this boring narrative, then the video is further down.

I think I might be getting too old for gaming, if there is such a thing – getting too old that is, not gaming in general. Reaction times are certainly decreasing – as the enemy comes into my sights, I have to quickly remember which button to press, aim and then hopefully hit. Meanwhile the enemy has jumped deftly over my head, strafing as they jump, firing multiple shots into my front, head and back. Snipers lie like dead bodies in abandoned buildings to shoot my legs from me as I walk in and inspect the good graphics. In response to the barrage of deaths I have resorted to a simple tactic. Armed with a shotgun, I run non-stop from building to building trying to avoid everything. Why a shotgun you ask? Well, firing at range proved to be almost impossible – but if I stay close I can just press the trigger and down they go, an effective one shot kill weapon. And if I have to fire at range? I die…..quickly. Armed with these tactics I embarked on each and every death match…

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