Dungeons and Dragons Gameplay – Toy Dolls and Night Hags

Back to the haunted house So the final part of the haunted manor jaunt, with the faith crew of Ol’Peter (Mr_Pickles), Obadiah (Chugawuga), Domanic (Medivac) and Felix (played by Chugawuga, since Longshanksepg couldn’t play this week). In this episode they eventually encounter the owner of the house and her little toy doll! There are lots of great scenes within this […]

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Christmas is here! and I’m getting ready!

Christmas is coming! It’s the 1st of December so I can safely talk about Christmas! Although I am not planning on doing Vlogmas or anything like that, I do want to try and get into the festive spirit and spread some merriment! So, what follows is what I have planned – not a lot, but you will like it! Everyone […]

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Encountering Ghosts, Spiders and ghastly ghouls!

Once more into the manor! Yes, we have been away for a while but in this episode we come back with a ghastly howl! This is part 2 of our The Haunt play through, you can see Part 1 here. The party continues to explore the manor house searching for the missing apprentice. But there are some creatures trying to […]

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