All part of the game

I never know what is going to happen in an RPG session. Yes, the adventure is organised and planned, but I tend to be very reactive to things that happen. A lot of the time I actually enjoy the bits which are not planned at all – and here was one of them.

The three ‘P’s of Streaming

So I admit it, I’ve been thinking a lot about my live streaming at the moment. Last week I blogged about my eventual Twitch Revelation. This week, I have come up with three words which I try to keep in my head when I am streaming.

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Man's shadow in front of sunset

Twitch Revelation

After reading a tweet and commenting, something suddenly dawned on me that probably everyone else has known for ages. In short, I had a revelation about my streaming!

Strteamlabs University

Attending Streamer University!

Preamble While streaming I have a command ‘!created’ which allows people to know when they first started with their Twitch account. In about April, I think, I will have been on the platform for 10 years. Similarly, on YouTube, I …