Aiding Annalin – A Mythras Adventure

Preamble Welcome to the complete adventure, Aiding Annalin. On this page, you can find a link to the YouTube playlist of all the adventures, some of the highlights, my Adventure Reflection video and a link to the adventure notes. These …

Thank you very much! – number 2!

Welcome to this the second of my thank you videos!

Too often I think we blog or tweet about the negative and so I thought I would do a series of blog posts/videos to say thank you to the people and companies who support me and my creations.

Pokemon, inwils style!

The mission – if you choose to accept it, is to collect all the ‘i’s to have a complete collection!

In order to support you with this, I have created a downloadable PDF which you can ‘stick’ your stickers on as you collect them! This PDF is completely FREE!

Currently, you can see both the ‘normal i’ and the ‘i of the beholder’ in the store! The latter to celebrate everything to do with role-playing!Β 

Elementor Pro and me…

Preamble As you can probably see from this site, I blog a lot both in my content creator and professional life. I’ve worked with WordPress for decades and really like it. However, when the recent update came in and we …