Bloody Battlefront

After completing Tomb Raider I was wondering what I could stream on Thursday evening for my XBox slot. Despite some of my twitch viewers wanting me to kill zombies on Black Ops, I remembered playing the beta of Battlefront and thought I would give this go. After downloading it in preparation, I launched it, turned on OBS and starting to play …


I’ve never been a real fan of first person shooters, mainly because I am very bad at them as you can probably see from my attempt at Black Ops 3. The beta for Battlefront was an enjoyable experience, especially due to my liking of the Star Wars universe and the fact that I was playing it for the first time. I was looking forward to playing it again due to my previous positive experience but found it somewhat a disappointment to start of with. With any of these types of games there exists a series of ‘elite’ players who possess remarkable skills in ‘owning’ first person shooters. These players often advance very quickly but then burn out early on in the game and then move onto the next shooter style game. I’m totally happy with this knowing that I’ll never be that sort of player mainly due to lack of skill and time to play. As you can see from the following matches, I completed ten last night with no wins against almost the same group of players, these groups can dominant the game.





With this team dominating, it made it almost impossible to get and guard the ‘drop pods’ – hence the big difference in the top players scores. As you can see, from my scores, I wasn’t much of a help! I think what would be beneficial is if the game has some sort of mechanic to split these players equally between teams, rather than allowing them to play together and consistently owning everyone in the arena. I am assuming that these elite players join as a group and so consistently play together which I think it very good for group collaboration. By implementing an algorithm which states that you can only have a set number of ranks in your team would help to even out the groups. Also, in order to support the new players within the arenas, making it that health/damage is somehow equaled out would avoid the lower ranks being constantly killed by one higher ranked player in order for them to continue to progress. These points might already be in the game and I am, currently, unaware of these.

Luckily, I have developed a lot of resilience over the years and I will continue to play and hopefully gain some ranks. You can watch my first play video below and catch me streaming on Twitch over the weekend playing Star Wars the Old Republic and on a Thursday evening playing on the XboxOne.

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