Book Review: Legend by David Gemmell

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The greatest siege of all!

Front cover of the Legend by David Gemmel
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This is the first time I have listened to a David Gemmell book and was seriously impressed. From the start, the storyline hooked me in as we were introduced to a range of believable and deep characters. They interact so well with each other and you feel that you actually know them and how they would react to the situations which they encounter.

At the start of the book, you follow several characters as they make their way together, following a range of encounters developing as they go. The power and prowess of the ’30’ are truly unique and Druss is a character that you both respect and relate to – age comes to us all, but to Druss it comes so well, he is better than a vintage wine!

I must admit a fondness for the bravado which is Bowman, he is sarcastic and funny and his quirky remarks always made me smile.

The final siege, at Dros Delnoch is that of epic high fantasy – the acts of heroism are numerous and you certainly feel that you are there suffering the same conditions and emotions as the defenders. The shaman/source magic is strange and unpredictable and Ulric, leader of the Nadir, comes across as a noble yet fearsome opponent. Throughout the siege, the author takes you through a range of emotions that are accumulated in an epic ending.

If you enjoy high fantasy, the battling of armies and the interaction of characters then this book is definitely one for you. One final point -make sure you take the time to read/listen to the afterword.

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