Book Review: The Adventures of Luther Arkwright

Time Travelling to the Max!

I must admit I downloaded this book due to the Mythras Supplement – Luther Arkwright. I didn’t know what the supplement was about so I thought the best way to understand the concept would be to listen to a book.

Well, this is not actually a book per se. I was actually quite shocked at the start of the audio book when my eyes were blasted by some strange cacophony of sounds. It soon became apparent that this was not going to be a narrated audiobook but more a radio drama.

The original adventures of Luther Arkwright were in a graphic novel and so this form of audiobook actually does suit the presentation of the original form. Personally, although I enjoyed the story and the characters, for me there were too many opportunities when there just appeared to be strange music and sounds blasting in my ears – I assume that they were synthesised, but the violin sounds were truly distracting and, well, awful.

Back to the story. To summarise, Luther Arkwright is a Vahalla Agent who is traveling through time and parallels to right wrongs which the Disruptor Agents are causing. There is a fair amount of history in the book, which I enjoyed, and it was interesting to see how things could have been different compared to the original time parallel. There are some nice flash backs which allow the reader to gain some background into the Luther character and Rose (?) is engaging and interesting. I forget his name, but I really liked the cockney character – very funny. The overall story line is good and I was engaged from beginning to end.

To summarise, I enjoyed the book, but less strange sounds would have been beneficial. If you can listen pass the sounds then you will enjoy the book.

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