Book Review: Year One A Quincy Harker, Demon Hunter Collection


Yes, it’s time for another book review. I actually managed to finish the last book “Year 1 – A Quincy Harker, Demon Hunter Collection“. I have to say at this point, that the delay in finishing this book hasn’t been due to its quality. I’ve had a lot to think about and to sort out. Walking to work allows me to engage with solitary thought, so book listening has been taking a back seat.

If you are new to these, then I try to follow the same format as Audible asks for their reviews so that I can post them there as well. Ok, without further ado – let’s get down to it.

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Year One: A Quincy Harker, Demon Hunter Collection
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Quincy is a demon hunter. Well, actually he is probably a lot more than just a demon hunter. He is very old, has a very powerful uncle and can cast spells with a flick of his wrist and the muttering of some ancient Sanskrit. He has a guardian angel and seems to know and understand the religious connotations of the world. With all of this power, what does he do? Well, he saves the world of course! The book describes his adventures as he moves from investigation to investigation, dealing with the undead, the illusionary and the darn right nasty creatures which we thought only accommodated our darkest nightmares. Qunicy is not what you would call a friendly soul. He is brash, to the point, sometimes uncaring and often impolite, but this is due to the decades, of dealing with the creatures that many prefer to ignore and leave in the stories of darkness.


I have to say I really enjoyed this book. Initially, I wasn’t sure what to expect but it turns out that Quincy is a cross between a vampire slayer and the excellent character of Harry Dresden from the Dresden Files.

The book is not just one mission, but a series of investigations which are, due to the characters that participate within them, well linked. Each has a certain uniqueness to them and I never felt that I was just listening to a duplicate of the previous investigation. And, with every investigation, I felt I learnt more about the characters and the world in which they were living in.

I’m not a great lover of blood and guts but, although the description of the ‘encounters’ are vivid, I never had to stop listening or avoid my food as the story unfolded.

If you like the unnatural, the mysterious and a good investigation then this book is for you. You will enjoy as Quincy battles with the creatures from the other planes and come to learn that although he thinks he is a sole operator, he really needs others around him.


I have listened to books that have been spoiled by the narrator. In fact, I have given up on books because of them as well! But this is definitely not one of them. The narrator’s voice is empathic and descriptive and it is easy to know which characters are talking without the need for the ‘said’ word being used at the end of every speech. Definitely a great narrator – well done – I was impressed!


I’m usually not a fan of more than one book in a series. After reading the first book I only ever go onto the next if I am seriously gripped by the plot. I was a bit concerned when I suddenly realised that the first investigation had finished and I wasn’t even halfway through the book. But I really didn’t have anything to worry about. Although the investigation changes the characters, and overall plot, continues to be developed.

I would say that there are three or four main characters and it is really interesting how these interact with each other and how, as the book progresses, you get to know a little bit more about each one. It is only as you progress that you realise that the separate characters which you have been introduced to are inexplicitly connected.

I am always wary of supernatural-themed books. Sometimes they can stray from real life so much that they become more fantasy than a thriller. But this book keeps both feet firmly in reality and just allow you to glimpse into the supernatural which is disturbing and somehow more real.

This book really kept me engaged throughout and I looked forward to listening to each and every part. Overall, if you like the supernatural, the weird and the wonderful, then this book is for you. You will enjoy how well you get to know Quincy and how the other characters develop and weave into Quincy’s life. A definite thumbs up from me!

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