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Books you should read!


Here are my top three books that I would recommend to anyone!

Some of them have more than one in the series, so best to get them all and enjoy the full saga!

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The Belgaraid Series

The first series of books that I bought and read. I actually read the Magician’s Gambit in one day while camping!

The Dragon Lance Series

This series introduced me to my favourite mage of all time – Raistlin!

The books are excellent and I remember buying the AD&D rulebook and the first module. We never played it because we all knew what happened in the books.

This series is available in paperback, Kindle and Audiobook

The Colin McCool Series

I came across these books via Audible. Collectively I think they are called Junkyard Druid but the second one, Graveyard Druid, is my favourite!

They are cross between fantasy and modern day and I love that there is a druid involved!

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