Bring me another!

If you follow me on Twitch you will be aware that most evenings at 19:00 I stream some collab Overwatch with Chugawuga. I must admit that I am currently being carried by his superb playing and so I thought I would try and get some additional practice in in order to support our progress within the competitive season. Here is how my practice went …

I’ve never been that good with this sort of game, mainly due to my complete lack of skill with aiming. I have played Lucio for some time, mainly because I can just heal without having to target and, if I jump a lot, I can stay alive for quite a while and randomly fire my gun in the general direction of the enemy in the hope that I hit something. Within competitive play you can only actually have one of each character so sometimes Lucio can be taken and I am left wondering what to play. I once watched Legday Gaming and I heard him mention that he played Reinhardt due to the lack of aiming needed. Seeing him being so successful, Legday Gaming not necessarily Reinhardt, I thought that this would be the perfect second hero for me to play.

Now, what you are about to watch – if you get that far – is not my first time playing the hero. I’ve been practising for sometime now but last night, after I had finished my radio show I didn’t have the concentration and available time to play SWTOR so I headed off into Overwatch and played Reinhardt. Let me know what you think…over ten deaths isn’t that bad right?

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