Building Portals, Quickly…..

We all wish we could complete jobs quickly – with the help of video recording and editting it is, of course, possible in Minecraft – time to build those portals!


As summer comes to an end, I am also coming to the end of my list of jobs to complete. One project I gave myself this summer was to expand my Minecraft Servers. Using the bungee chord plugin I have created two new servers and connected them together along with my existing survival world. In order to connect them all I needed to create some portals in the Creative world. As you will know, I lack a certain amount of creativity, so I went for an old fashion arches on a hill look. Music is, by Approaching Nirvana – the details of which are in the description of the video.

Want to play on the server? – Apply here

Music by Approaching Nirvana
Song: Imperfection and Cigarettes n Boats
Buy the song on iTunes:

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