Call of Cthulhu – Murders and Mystery in Victorian London

This week in Call of Cthulhu…

Token for Mr Webber from Call of cthulhu

In this week’s Call of Cthulhu session – With the number of deaths rapidly rising and the investigators still exploring possible explanations they get called to Scotland Yard after witnessing the death of Major Gower. Ideas and suspicions grow as one of the investigators nephew tells them about a strange raid that happened while in the regiment and they get a new job proposal with an interesting outcome.

Next week in Call of Cthulhu…

What will happen next week? Who are the strange Jackal Figures which are haunting the members of the ‘Buffs’ regiment. Will the investigators be able to prevent the next ‘death’ and solve the mystery. Tune in for the Live Actual Play Thursday 19:00 BST. But be warned, Sanity checks may be needed!

You can catch up with some of the previous mysteries by looking in the Call of Cthulhu Category on this website. Remember to never miss an actual play session, subscribe to both the YouTube channel and this website.

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