Call of Cthulhu – The Investigators deal with zombies and mummies!

This week in Call of Cthulhu…

The investigators escape from the house of the spooky statues and decomposing bodies and run to the final lead in the mystery – Colonel Hollingsworth! After having to break and entry into the Colonel’s estate the investigators come face to face with what the colonel has been hiding all these years and what the Egyptians might be trying to recover. Fighting seems to be the final answer, but who will actually leave the house sane?

Next week in Call of Cthulhu…

The investigators will be starting a new investigator into the realm of the occult. Definitely not to be missed!

You can catch up with some of the previous mysteries by looking in the Call of Cthulhu Category on this website. Remember to never miss an actual play session, subscribe to both the YouTube channel and this website.

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