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How did I do? – Updates for my targets set for 2017

Tomorrow I head back to my day job and I am expecting the similar salutation from many people – “Happy New Year and did you have a good Christmas?” After the usual adjectives have been employed, for example – ‘nice’, ‘quiet’, family’, I wonder how long before the discussion will get onto New Year Resolutions. I think that research shows that these generally last a maximum of about three weeks, if you are lucky, before they disappear into non-existence and we flop back to the way we were. For me, I tend not to set resolutions, but more targets to achieve and so this waffle is going to detail whether I have succeeded with last year’s targets before setting new ones for 2018!


In Search of Normality

I’m really trying to get back into the habit of blogging, rather than just constantly posting videos of the games I am playing. Although I enjoy the latter, I really do enjoy blogging and need to make time in order to achieve this. As for content/topics, well I do like to blog about the games I play, from a newbie perspective of course, but I also like to post blogs about my life in general. These are probably the ones which I enjoy writing the most, but are the least viewed and interacted with. I can accept that since, quoting that famous ABBA song – “I’m nothing special, in fact I’m a bit of a bore!”


My life in daydreams…..Radio.

If you ever take a glance up to the top right of this webpage you will be aware that I put the book which I am currently listening to up there. Although most of these tend to be action, sci-fi or crime thrillers, the odd autobiography does creep its way into the schedule no and again. Every time I am listening to an autobiography I have this urge to write my own. Not that my life is very exciting – in fact my life often think my life is reflected in those starting lyrics of the ABBA classic – “Thank you for the music” – ‘I’m nothing special, in fact, I’m a bit of a bore.’ What I do wonder about is how I would actually write the events of my life and came up with a title and format of my autobiography. Instead of waiting for a book contract, I thought I would get on with it and start writing it using the same format but as blog posts. So here is one of them. The title of the book would be “My life in Daydreams” and this waffle’s topic is my radio career.