And Marmaduke was born!

I had created a 2nd level fighter using the Roll20 and also some of the D&D Beyond websites. I didn’t want to get a class which was too involved so I just went for a fighter. With only Acolyte available to me on the Roll20 system, I somehow had to weave being an acolyte into the background. And Marmaduke Pimplepicker was born!

Pokemon, inwils style!

The mission – if you choose to accept it, is to collect all the ‘i’s to have a complete collection!

In order to support you with this, I have created a downloadable PDF which you can ‘stick’ your stickers on as you collect them! This PDF is completely FREE!

Currently, you can see both the ‘normal i’ and the ‘i of the beholder’ in the store! The latter to celebrate everything to do with role-playing!