Dance with an elf!

It would appear that it is all the rage at the moment to ‘elf yourself!”, so I have spent some time creating my own which I present below. I would like you to know that it took about 27 webcam shots to get a photo I was marginally happy with – so please at least smile as you watch me prance about. Hope your preparations are going well!

Monking and Tanking.

I’m not sure whether ‘monking’ is a word, but I wanted to use it to make the title sound nice! After much thinking…delaying my start of the new expansion by some weeks…I managed to make a decision and my tanking career has begun in earnest!

Playing a monk – well trying…

I thought that I would start to do some more Warloads TwitchTving. To start things rolling I’ve been playing my Brewmaster Monk to see if this was the class which I would completely gel with and be able to excel. Although I have just reached 94th level, I’m not that this is the class for me…maybe I’ll go back to my shaman :).

Blast from the past – Dear Prudence

Wednesdays are ‘Blast from the Past’ post. This is when I look back to my ‘younger’ days and find some item or a video on Youtube that reminds me of my past life. I was working out at the gym and this song suddenly came up on my random play list…I remember it well. so much so I listened to it a few times!

Let’s go fly a Kite!

When everyone else is working hard to get prepared for the expansion release, I had a sudden urge to finally complete inscription and herbalism with Lofar, my priest. Although I originally thought that I would only be able to make glyphs I was pleasantly surprised that I could make two other very important items – inscriptions for my shoulders and kites!!!