Beta journey snaps continue!

I’m currently 98th with my discipline priest. It is getting to the stage of just going from quest giver to quest giver, clicking and completing although I am looking forward to going and leveling in Nagrand! It is always so green there! Here are some snaps from my current journey – enjoy!


Probably a bit chilly….

In the dim and distant pass there was a time that no games were online and adventures were limited to playing with character sheets, dice and small painted models. During this time, I remember that there was a cartoon that depicted a female barbarian in what only be described as ‘limited’ armour which complimented her female body. The armour had numerous arrows sticking into it and was accompanied with the caption -“Good job I was wearing my armour!” Despite meeting probably all of the sexual stereotypes which abound within fantasy settings, the armour on the scantily clad warrior may have been provoking (top charisma score out of 18) it was highly impractical. It was only when I decided to create a Blood Elf Mage to test in the beta that I realised that the suitability of clothing for the starting area of FROST ridge was still not completely being considered.


Take a chance with items…

Items within the beta and probably the subsequent Warlords of Draenor expansion, have taken a slightly different focus. For anyone who is managing two or even three sets of equipment for different specs then this will be a welcome change.