Mythras: Hessaret’s Treasure Episode 8 – Flying Reptiles, Giant bats and Lethal pit traps.

Welcome to this week’s actual play of the game Mythras. With the party safely out of the swamp, they make their way across a desert plain towards the Nameless Mountain. After discovering some chilling objects within a lake, they make their way up a narrow track around the mountain. Here they lose a party member to a flying reptile and […]

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Mythras: Hessaret’s Treasure Episode 6 – Coyotes, Barbarians and strange visions.

Continuing the weekly Mythras game which is broadcast LIVE on Twitch every week, the party continue their rather tense journey with the opposing factions of the gang who own the two halves of the map leading to Hesserat’s treasure. It is not long before the journey becomes slightly more dangerous with coyotes and barbarians attacking the group and what are […]

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