Classes and my psyche!

Preamble Ok, I have probably blogged about this before but it is really getting to me at the moment. I love to play a good MMO and have recently seen the new ArcheAge being released and thought what a great compliment to Elder Scrolls Online. But just as when I

Sub Stream or no Sub Stream

Preamble I hate going back full time to my main job. It takes me a good week to recover from the constant stress and tiredness. Blogging, YouTubing and Streaming all suffer for one week. Eventually, I do gain the energy to do both jobs at the same time. Apparently, vitamin

Image of a big shield

I have a size fetish!

Preamble How many sayings/phrases do you know which relates to size? Well, I am admitting right now, I have a definite size fetish. I like them big, and broad otherwise they seem to have no use to me at all! Wait a minute! I’m talking about shields! Not what you