Tomb Raider Thursday! – some major puzzle solving!

Although I feel I am getting used to jumping and swinging in the game, one aspect which still needs some work is the problem solving. Although I managed to solve one early on in the adventure, the last one in this episode got me stuck and, due to nearing the end of a two hour stream, I left it until next episode. Hopefully this Thursday I will be able to solve it very quickly!

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First Operation in SWTOR with my Sorceror

So after getting my Imperial Sorceror to 60th level I was invited to join the guild by a moderator (Lost_Dragon_Claw) from my stream. While trying to level my new imperial agent, I was asked to join my first ever operation so it was with some trepidation that I joined and managed to remember to click the record button as we started. Here is the result

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It has come to an end——–again!

If you don’t follow me on TwitchTV, and I wonder why you don’t!, then you will not be aware that over the weekends I have been streaming some progression levelling with my Imperial Sorceror! After many a weeks and streams, the end finally arrived and not only did I turn 60th level I also completed the Shadow of Revan plot line. Here is the final streaming of my levelling sorceror.

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