Brigadoon Episode 18 – The Fungal Plague Part 1

Well, with the manor safely sorted, the party return to Clarion, the sleepy riverside town, only be be met with a series of rather worrying events. First the arrival of the City Guard from ThornDyke, second news of their previous caravan and a young lad imprisoned in a cage and finally the outbreak of a threatening plague – who you gonna call?

Shadowrun – Serve and Protect – Episode 1

Same characters, same Southside, different adventure! The runners this time are contacted through a drone and asked to protect a high classed business man and his faithful and efficient secretary. They meet in a rather high class hotel and arrange to meet at the local underground station – I mean an underground station – what could possibly go wrong?

Brigadoon Episode 17 – To the Basement of Maggot Manor

As the toadstool shrieked out as an alarm the party has to be prepared for whatever is lurking within the lower depths of the manor. Unfortunately, two of the party didn’t manage to get teleported, but three of the party venture forward alone. But someone does fall unconscious during this episode – place your bets!