Who is responsible for skills?

I am quite liking writing about the games I play, although I might not be waffling to the level of the great DMs I do feel like I am reflecting on the games I play and the rules which govern them and, in doing this, hopefully I am becoming a better DM. This week, I wanted to waffle on about skills. There are many skills in both the games I play, but who is actually responsible for providing opportunities for them to be put into action within the game? Well here I go with my views!


Paying a DM….

Don’t worry, before you start reaching for your wallets, I just used the title of this blog to capture your attention and to provide an indication of where I got the inspiration for this waffle from. Yesterday, while scrolling through my Twitter feed, I came across a post from the infamous ExplodingDice replying to the question – “Should DMs get paid?”. It was after reading this that I started to think about the job of the DM and what I actually do from week to week in order to hopefully keep my campaigns going. So here, for your entertainment, is a sneaky peek into my week as a DM…


Why I chose Mythras…

I quite like change. When I am enjoying something I often think that I am never ever going to stop doing it, but there always comes a time when things either become too much to keep going or something else tempts me away and I no longer have the time for something. I’ve written before about my class envy and this often does happen with games as well. The most important thing about any game for me is the concept and rules, rather than its popularity or great reports. Even when I am streaming, I tend not to hop onto new games or ‘popular’ games just for the sake of playing them since I know that I am not really going to enjoy them or be any good at them. RPGs (Role Playing Games) are the same. I tend to like concepts and rule systems rather than the current popular or new games. With this in mind, you might have noticed that I am no longer streaming D&D 5th edition on a Saturday evening, in favour of Mythras. So, in order to prevent any rumours spreading about the reason behind this, I thought I would let you know in a waffle why I had chosen to play more Mythras.