Chug a beer?

Youtube and Twitch are vast internet empires of hopefuls trying to make their mark on the world. Many try but few succeed, but as they try to develop their followers, viewers and subscribers in an attempt to make that extra ‘buck’ or achieve partnership, they ‘creators’ tempt people to their stream using various methods…it was while watching a stream that I first heard the phrase – “I’ll chug a beer for a £20 donation”! You will what?



Every year I set myself targets for the year and, at the end /beginning of the year I reflect on these and decide if I have achieved any or none of them – if you like it is a bit like a public blogging of new year’s resolutions! One target I often set on my more ‘educational’ site relates to social media and I thought instead of keeping it on that site I would expand it and include some of the relevant targets on this blog. I have a full time job, so I’m not trying to create an internet empire to pay for my rent, but I do consider myself a person who is more socially interactive on the internet rather than in person – probably a side effect of being geeky and often socially inept. As many people do, being ‘famous’ in some way or having a following is something which I aspire to and the platforms such as Twitch and Youtube provide this possible opportunity. But, having set myself the target of increasing followers, subscribers and viewers – how do I actually achieve this!

“I feel that asking for a £20 donation to drink a whole glass of water or a mug of tea doesn’t quite have the same impact!”

One thing I’ve noticed on Twitch and Youtube that creators attract followers and subscribers with offers of rewards. These might be give-a-ways (a topic for another blog post) or donations for ‘challenges’. It was the latter that I encountered on BANXY4321’s Channel. Being a ‘small time’ streamer myself, I often click on the channels with small number of viewers to help support their streams. For donations, the streamer would ‘chug a beer’. Although I shown my ignorance, I had to ask what this actually meant. Apparently, and you probably knew this, for twenty pounds the streamer would drink on whole can of beer in one ‘go’! I have seen this type of challenge (?) being mirrored on other streams including the high end streamers! Indeed Sco was drinking ‘shots’ for donations over the new year period. The donations were certainly flowing, as well as the drinks, and I am sure the streamers get more followers/viewers when people see this type of challenge in the channel’s title! but is this a strategy I could use to boost my channels?

I have to say at this point no problem at all with this type of challenge, so please don’t think this blog is going to turn into an ‘evil of drink’ rant. I’m actually t-total due to medical reasons so I don’t actually drink alcohol in any form – not even in cakes and puddings! – yes I know I must be difficult to cook for!. I’ve thought about embracing this challenge idea for my viewers etc, but I feel that asking for a £20 donation to drink a whole glass of water or a mug of tea doesn’t quite have the same impact! I also have to have a very strict diet as well, so the chance of me eating chillis or hot sauce from a spoon (a challenge I saw Hybridpanda do) is also not going to happen…maybe if I offer to eat a whole biscuit – would that bring in the viewers do you think? 🙂

The more I venture into the world of streaming and video making, the more I realise how ‘different’ I am. I often thought I was very geeky and would almost ‘fit into’ the streaming sphere, although even now it would appear that I am different from the ‘usual’ streamers that inhabit the platform. Yes, this uniqueness might attract a certain group of followers although it could also make my stream and channel a minority within a minority, something which is never helpful for marketing and advertising. My target still exists and I spend many hours thinking about how I could actually ‘encourage’ people to my channels. Maybe I should actually try my version of the alcohol challenge – chug a mug (of water) and see what happens…

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