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Class Decisions
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Apologies to start of with. I’m trying desperately to get back into my regular posting schedule, but with the current situation I am not actually getting my creative thought time so the juices are not flowing. 

I’ve got a couple of ideas floating around in my head which I am going to act on, but the actual content is not what I would call ‘fantastic’! I’ve my Alexa playing coffee shop sounds, creating a blogging atmosphere so things will improve. 

Anyway – something I’ve spoken about before, but felt that I needed to get it out of my system again – making class decisions!

Not great at making decisions

I’m the sort of person who is better giving advice rather than acting on my own. I’ve definitely blogged about my decision making process before and I am sure that this post will not be the last!

Even at my age, I am learning so much about myself, through the self help books I am reading and also my wonderful community on Twitch, the in-crowd! Despite all this, I’m sure that making decision will always be something I have difficulties with.

Blind Decisions

Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

I’m not very good at making blind decisions. Looking at any game, I’m always quite sure what I don’t want to play, rather than what I do. Using Black Desert Online as an example – the Ninja class does not appeal to me at all!

Other classes initially don’t appeal to me, but later, when I have played them, they do start to grow on me. I never thought I would have enjoyed the Enchanter class so much in EverQuest but my gnome enchanter – Gwendolin, became my favourite class of all time!

I have learnt that I need to play classes first and then make a decision about them. As I mention in the video above, playing what I call the chunky Striker class instantly told me that the class was not for me, especially after playing the more manoeuvrable Mystic!

Kissing a lot of frogs!

This leads me to my current decision making process that I really need to implement to all games. I need to actually play all the classes to make a decision! Although this appears to be foolish and probably very time consuming, it is the best way for me. Second to this is that I start to play all the classes and then stop with one which I feel comfortable with and stay there. Luckily I am not a min/max sort of player and I don’t actually mind being the least popular class or the weakest, which leads me onto what do I look for in any class I play.

What I look for in a class

This does change a lot but I feel that I am becoming more consistent with my criteria. 


I know it sounds superficial, but looks in a class is really important for me. This is especially important when there is a decision to be made about a weapon or outfit. I really like big weapons, two-handed weapons are my favourite with axes, hammers and staffs being at the top of the list. I do like shields as well – but only if they are massive!

I guess that I am really keen on size even though allegedly it doesn’t matter!

The unusual:

I wouldn’t say that I always go for the weakest class. I have done this before but it has mainly be due to a confidence and something to blame for my poor playing – e.g. I can do that, but I am playing the weakest class! When starting a new game I never search for the best or the highest class. Things like that doesn’t matter to me, however popularity does. I never want to play a class which everyone else is playing. I like to be different. I really enjoy playing my Guardian in Black Desert Online, but walking around the world, Guardians appear like belly buttons! (everyone has one!)


I do like a class which is useful. A class which people will want in raids and have a specific role to perform. This often links to the least popular class decision. I like it when people say -“We always need this class, but very few people play them” – if I hear that then I immediately roll one!

I’m moving away from my usual pet/ranged classes at the moment. I have always played these in the past and have had some success with them. But currently I am feeling the urge to get up close and personal with my weapons. I’m not this is a good move although I do acknowledge that I do need to develop my approach. Currently I am levelling a DragonKnight Stamina character in Elder Scrolls Online and it has taken me a while to actually start doing some damage. Perseverance has been key here since I have resisted arming a bow in order to force myself to develop my ‘physical’ skills.

And finally – I do like a heal. Whether this is to heal someone else or just to heal myself after combat, a heal is always welcome addition the the class’ skillset.








And that’s it! The decision making process in yet another character decision post. A lot of time I write these just to get my own thoughts down on paper and to reflect what I actually look for in a class.

I think I will always be an alt-acholic and there is nothing wrong with that – something which I am more accepting of at the moment.

If you ever want to see me in action, then do pop over to my Twitch channel and, if you have time, do add how you make your own decisions about classes within the MMOs you play in the comments below.

Until next time, have fun, and I’ll catch you all later and, until then, happy playing!

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