Classes and my psyche!


Ok, I have probably blogged about this before but it is really getting to me at the moment. I love to play a good MMO and have recently seen the new ArcheAge being released and thought what a great compliment to Elder Scrolls Online. But just as when I started to play Black Desert Online, I get well and truly stuck before I even start.

Easy for some people

I have never really fitted in. I’m that sort of person that is unique in their beliefs and philosophies and tend now to belong to a gang/group. I don’t mind this but what really gets to me is that I have no desired class or role to play in MMOs and in RPGs if I was ever allowed to play a character.

I’ve talked about it on stream a few times. When I ask people what they like to play, everyone usually has a starting class or role whether this is a tank, DPS or healer/support. I just seem to flick between each one, although DPS tends to be closer to the bottom of the list. Although, if there is a pet class then it is right in there at the top!

I’m tanking!!!

A few months ago I made a pact with myself to actually become a tank in Elder Scrolls Online. I really have this thing about shields, the bigger the better! They look so impressive! This was going well, but I suddenly found myself taking ages to kill anything and really being bad at PvP. One thing I suddenly realised from this experience is that sometimes I give up when the going gets tough – rather than working through it, I tend to blame my own skill and switch. As a tank, I imagine myself as something which I am definitely not. That brave, tough character who will hold the narrow way, who is strong and prepared to save the other players by calling the other monsters onto them. Shield on arm, I’m the guardian, the protector and the person who is prepared to go down as the party flees.

Calling all the healers!

Healing hands
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

I have often followed my desire to be a support/healer. The psychology behind this is a quagmire but I understand it completely. I like the idea of helping people in real life and this has obviously trickled over to the MMOs. I also know, if I am honest with myself, that being a healer, people like you and often ask you to join groups. This definitely gives me a positive feeling. As a healer, I am popular and supportive. I can save people with a single spell and will valiantly go down, healing as I go, trying to save everyone else. I don’t have any great power, but I can heal the pants off anyone and most, if not all, are grateful. It also means that I don’t have to concentrate on the combat ‘dance’ in order to try and bring people down. I am not very good with combos and moving, so the healer is perfect for me. Stand and heal – job done!

I summon thee!

And finally the DPS. When it comes to playing a DPS character, I only really have one option. The pet class. I have really loved these every since my first MMO. Playing an enchanter on Dark Age of Camelot, really did help me cement my love for them. Animists, Warlocks, Summoners, you name them I would play them. I am quite adept at controlling a pet and love the way that they can tank the monsters while I sit back and DOT from afar. I tend to go more for DOTs rather than direct damage. I always liked the way that my warlock would go down to a rogue in World of Warcraft in the battleground but, as the rogue went away, my DOTs eventually took their toll and they would die. The only pet class I never played what the White Lion Class – this was a lion and melee, which I would have been so bad at! Being a bit of a loner, having a pet means that I don’t really have to have anyone else to level with. I can summon my pet and off I go. For someone without and friends, being able to summon your own is always beneficial.

Have to be unique

This is something else that plagues me. I have to try and play a class that no one else plays. I know that sounds silly but I want to be unique. There is another reason which I am quite ashamed of. If someone plays the class I know that they will play it better than me and so they will always be accepted. As I trawl through the Black Desert Online Twitch channels, I look at which class people are playing and then start by saying, I can’t play that one, or that one etc.

I also want to be of some use. I have a really bad habit of choosing the worse class ever! Looking at the Black Desert Online classes, there are no roles as such but I don’t want to pick the class which is rubbish at PvP, grinding and sieging. It would just be my luck that I create a character that no one wants and who is rubish – another case of becoming the laughing stock of the game!


As you can see, I really want to play every single class/role. If there was a pet class who could heal and tank I would be in heaven! However, as far I am aware, one does not exist. Playing to the end game takes such a long time and, with my full-time job, I have little time to play. It will take me ages to get to the end game content and then find that the class I am playing is rubbish

I know I give up too easily and that I need to focus on what I will enjoy playing. But without playing them all I am not sure which to play. Maybe I need to just accept that I am ditherer, an indecisive player who will just have to take ages to find a suitable class to play.

And just when I think I have cracked it I might get invited into a RPG as a player and the dithering will start all over again!

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