Creating an Empire!

As well as playing online games, I have recently created a Minecraft server. Although this is currently small and relatively insignificant, it is a safe, friendly place to either play or learn to play the game. Have you ever wanted to play Minecraft? or find a server which is small scale but friendly? If so, then read on…


The server is currently still in its infancy, although there are plans to develop. There are some seasoned players involved and some beginners and there are always people around to help with questions or builds. Currently there is only a Survival World, although there are future plans to expand the empire.

If you are interested in either joining the server or just finding out more information, then here are some links.

  • Thinking about joining the Server? Send in an application

  • Read about the expansions currently being planned

  • Like the Facebook Page to receive updates

  • Become part of the community – join the website

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